Shoes with the Toes

Not so long ago, we mentioned this wonderful "shoes with toes' production Vibrams, but it turns out, the company already offers a variety of models: not only the" shoes ", Czech, and even boots, shoes, etc. Thus, a pair of high boots "for cold weather or high boots (leather kangaroo) with a zipper is $ 160. A pair of low boots (also from the skin kangaroo) with laces - $ 140. Sneakers - which is not really designed for serious sport - $ 100. It was very interesting to know how comfortable wearing such shoes - waiting for the views of "eyewitnesses" ...

Ring in the form of Food

Sofia creates and sells original jewelry in a variety of dishes. SouZou Creations translates as "creativity through imagination. "

A Marvelous Watch Urwerk UR-110

 On the clock UR-110, which recently introduced a public company Urwerk can not just write, you need to show them in action and if you do not live, at least on video. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand what the planetary hour modules and how is the indication of time.
 Minutes are displayed on to the right scale, and serves as an indicator clock module, which takes place in the moment "on orbit" between the marks "0" and "60". The figure on this module shows who is now an hour. Arrows on the "satellite" is always parallel to each other, for their level position responsible special "planetary" node mechanism. U chronometer is a small second dial, the indicator "day-night, as well as an indicator« Oil Change », showing the time remaining until the service stops. Automatic clock mechanism, it has two turbines, which the air stream, reduce wear of automatic winding. The body is made of titanium G5 with a frame made of stainless steel 316L, glass - Sapphire. UR-110 Water-resistant to 3 atm. Dimensions: 47mm x 51mm x 16mm. Model URWERK UR-110 is available in two versions - UR-110 Titanium and UR-110 Titanium Black.
 Company Urwerk, along with MB & F - the leader of a futuristic chasostroeniya. But its creators brothers, Thomas and Felix Baumgartner (Thomas and Felix Baumgartner) in addition to this well known yet and the fact that refined made in the XVII century clock Pope. With a unique mechanism of conventional hands and face were replaced by moving in their orbits by Roman numerals.
 Futuristic clock Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo beautifully with a classic suit

Announcement Sony NGP (PSP2)

Sony is an event in Tokyo, announced a new generation of its portable console PSP. As was known previously rumored, the console will be a 5-inch OLED display and 2 stick. Also, it would be an accelerometer, as in the SixAxis, and the camera on the back and front. In addition, the console will be 3G, WiFi and GPS, as well as rear and front touchpad and electronic compass. Sony claims that the level of graphics handheld console will sopostovim with PS3. The event will show games like Uncharted, LBP, WipEout, Resistance, Broken, Reality Fighters and many others. Sony also demonstrated a new user interface called the console LiveArea, which is very easy to control thanks to a touchpad and where you can see what your friends. There will also be an application called "Near", which will help you find players near you. For example, if you are traveling on a train, the other players nearby can see what you're playing. NGP is due out later this year. In the continuation of the post, see photo gallery, detailed specifications, and interesting videos.

Denis Zilber Illustrator

 Denis Zilber (Denis Zilber) was born in Minsk into a family of artists, and in 1991 emigrated to Israel. He currently lives in Tel Aviv. Collaborates with the magazines and advertising agencies.