Fidel Castro Stroke

Fidel Castro Stroke - The rumor mill surrounding the health of Fidel Castro churned anew on Friday, despite a letter from the aging Cuban revolutionary published by state media and denials by relatives at home and in the United States that he is on death's door.

Social media sites and some news organizations have reported allegations by a Venezuelan doctor that Castro, 86, had suffered a massive stroke, was in a vegetative state, and had only weeks to live, though the same doctor, Jose Rafael Marquina, has made some claims before that have not panned out.

Tuna Factory Death

Tuna Factory Death - Jose Melena, 62, an employee at a Southern California plant belonging to tuna maker Bumble Bee Foods, was found cooked to death inside the plant’s ‘steamer machine.’

Authorities say a 62-year-old employee was cooked to death at a Southern California seafood plant for tuna maker Bumble Bee Foods.