TV anchor fired: Dropped F-bomb Got Fired-bomb

TV anchor fired, a news anchor in his debutant in live broadcast dropped F-bomb live and got suspended, later Fired. A.J. Clemente had a rough start to his first anchoring gig at KFYR in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The first rule in TV newscasts – don’t curse when you’re in front of the camera.

You never know when your microphone might be open.

Cinnamon Warning

Cinnamon Warning, Don't take the cinnamon challenge. That's the advice from doctors in a new report about a dangerous prank depicted in popular YouTube videos but which has led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to U.S. poison centers.

The fad involves daring someone to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in 60 seconds without water. But the spice is caustic, and trying to gulp it down can cause choking, throat irritation, breathing trouble and even collapsed lungs, the report said.

85-Foot Trapeze Fall

85-Foot Trapeze Fall, A Kenyan trapeze artist who fell to the ground from a height of 85 feet while performing at the Moscow circus last month held a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

Twenty-three-year-old Karo Christopher Kazungu had been preparing for his flight for three years. On March 13 he was performing the complicated, risky act when he lost control, and fell to the ground.

The safety net, which is expected to prevent gymnasts from hitting the ground, ripped, creating a large hole through which Kazungu slipped through to the ground.

Biden Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Biden Julia Louis-Dreyfus, HBO's "Veep" centers on Louis-Dreyfus as Vice President Selina Meyer and the staff that makes up her office. The actress told Politico that Biden “was in touch with me to congratulate me on winning the Emmy for this part, and he was very funny about it, which led me to believe that he may have seen a couple of episodes."

Gorilla photobombs kids at zoo

Gorilla photobombs kids at zoo, It was just a fun family outing when 6-year-old Ella O’Brien and her 4-year-old sister, Bridget (who look like distant cousins of the Weasley clan) decided to pose in front of the cage of Motaba, a western lowland silverback gorilla, at Werribee Open Range Zoo just outside Melbourne, Australia.

Crash Blamed On Zombies

Crash Blamed On Zombies, A Tennessee man, 19, is accused of taking a big-rig Saturday and causing a crash that injures 7 people.

A big-rig crash that blocked Interstate 15 in Temecula for hours Saturday evening, April 6, was caused by a 19-year-old driver who claimed he was on the run from the walking dead, authorities said.

“He said zombies were chasing him and he had to get out of here,” said Officer Nathan Baer, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol.

Ann Coulter Meghan McCain: Meghan McCain Fires Back at Ann Coulter’s Lethal Joke

Ann Coulter Meghan McCain: Meghan McCain Fires Back at Ann Coulter’s Lethal Joke, They’re at it again–  Ann Coulter and Meghan McCain are in a Twitter war. The reason for the bickering? Ann Coulter stated that Meghan McCain should be killed in a blog posted on her own website, as well as Fox Nation.

 ”MSNBC’s Martin Bashir suggested that Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support the Democrats’ gun proposals. (Let’s start with Meghan McCain!)” the blog said before it was taken down earlier this morning.

Teen Hit By Softball Dies

Teen Hit By Softball Dies, A California teen has died after being struck in the chest by a softball during gym class, school officials said.

According to reports, 16-year-old Taylor Dorman was hit with a ball on Wednesday during a game at Ramona High School. Officials say the sophomore  initially appeared to be fine, even cracking a joke about the incident.

Komodo Dragon Attack

Komodo Dragon Attack, An 83-year-old Indonesian woman told Thursday how she faced a "fight for survival" when a Komodo dragon pounced and sunk its teeth into her, in the latest attack this year by one of the giant lizards.

Haisah was sitting on the ground outside her house on Rinca island, one of several Komodo-inhabited islands frequently visited by tourists, making a broom from a coconut tree, when the two-metre (6.6-foot) reptile sprang at her.

Woman wins $40M, not $40K

Woman wins $40M, not $40K, Let's pretend you just won $40 million. Do you sprint up and down the street "like a crazy woman"? Break into a "happy dance," while holding your oversized lottery check? Celebrate by chowing down at a Chinese buffet with your family?

If you're Maria Carreiro, the answer is all of the above — and then some.

The 51-year-old grandmother couldn't contain her excitement, when she talked to, sang to and danced for reporters on Monday after her big, big win.