Chicken Nuggets: How Bad Are They?

Chicken Nuggets: How Bad Are They? When the kids are wailing, the boss wasn’t happy with your presentation, and the kitchen is anything but pristine, what mom hasn’t thrown up her hands and given in to demands for chicken nuggets? Like, three times a week?

Maybe Mom should tell the kids: Be careful what you wish for.

This week 17-year-old British factory worker Stacey Irvine was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed, struggling to breathe. During the exam, doctors were stunned to learn that Ms. Irvine had never in her life eaten fruit or vegetables; instead she had eaten almost nothing but fast-food chicken nuggets since she was two years old.

Kate Middleton Named "Hat Person of the Year"

Kate Middleton Named "Hat Person of the Year"

Kate Middleton Named "Hat Person of the Year", While some fashionistas may never understand Kate Middleton's love for feathered fascinators and hats that look like a giant potato chip, there's one group who appreciates the Duchess of Cambridge's whimsical toppers.

Creative Moon Photography

Creative Moon Photography

Amazing images show people interacting with the moon.

Woman Hunter

Melissa Bachman, Meet Melissa Bachman is the leading program about hunting. She's a professional hunter. Let's look at its prey, some of which are striking in their size.

Jennifer Aniston Buys an Ultramodern L.A. Home

Jennifer Aniston Buys an Ultramodern L.A. Home

Looks like it's time to update the Celebrity Real Estate Heat Map: A-lister of A-listers Jennifer Aniston has reportedly scooped up new mansion for herself in Bel-Air, Calif.

The pristine 8,500-square-foot four-bedroom was designed in 1965 by noted Los Angeles modernist architect A. Quincy Jones; after first hitting the market for $29 million in 2008, the house was reduced to some $24 million, at which point Aniston swooped in and scored it for even less: $21 million.

Westminster Dog Show New Breeds

American English Coonhound

Westminster Dog Show New Breeds

6 New Dog Breeds to Debut at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2012 [PHOTOS]

The Westminster Kennel Club has announced that six new dog breeds will debut at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show from Feb. 13 to 14, at Madison Square Garden.
The new dog breeds have been recognized by the American Kennel Club, making them eligible for competition in conformation shows, the club stated.

Cynthia Nixon Bald Sex City Star Shaves Head Play Cancer Patient

Cynthia Nixon shocks viewers with bald head after shaving off her trademark red hair to play cancer patient

As Sex and the City's Miranda Hobbes, she was one of TV's most recognisable redheads.

But Cynthia Nixon unveiled a stark new look on Live With Kelly this morning.

The actress, 45, surprised viewers with a bald head after shaving her locks off for her role in the Manhattan Theatre Club production of Wit.

She plays cancer stricken poetry professor Vivian Bearing in the play, which opens on January 26 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

Kelly Ripa began the interview with the quip: 'So what's new?'

Rare Sea Creature Appears on Seattle Woman's Dock

Rare Sea Creature Appears on Seattle Woman's Dock

A Seattle resident recently got a big surprise when she discovered a strange-looking furry visitor on her property.

"She woke up and it was lying on her dock, hanging out and sleeping — just chilling," said Matthew Cleland, district supervisor in western Washington for the USDA's Wildlife Services, and the recipient of a photo of the bizarre intruder.

Justin Bieber New Look

Justin Bieber New Look, Now Justin gets a new look! Just days after Selena Gomez debuts blue locks, Bieber hits the bottle to dye his hair darker
His hair has literally been his crowning glory since he first hit the charts back in 2009.

But now, just a few days after wowing fans by bringing back his famous 'do, Justin Bieber has hit the bottle to get darker locks.

Laura Kaeppeler Miss America 2012

Laura Kaeppeler Miss America 2012

Tears and tiaras: Opera singing Wisconsin beauty crowned Miss America (after dodging politics question)

A 23-year-old beauty queen from Kenosha, Wisconsin, won the Miss America pageant on Saturday in Las Vegas after singing opera and strutting in a white bikini and black beaded evening gown.

Laura Kaeppeler also had to answer a question about whether beauty queens should declare their politics.

'Miss America represents everyone, so I think the message to political candidates is that they represent everyone as well,' she said.

'And so in these economic times, we need to be looking forward to what America needs, and I think Miss America needs to represent all.'

Duchess Kate To Turn 30

Duchess Kate To Turn 30

Kate's Eighties-themed bash: Pippa and Harry plan cocktails and karaoke party for Duchess of Cambridge's 30th

Party to be thrown at secret London location for 'close friends and family'
Kate to let hair down ahead of William's departure for Falklands next month

With a party-planning socialite for a sister and a brother-in-law as well-connected as Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge's 30th birthday was never going to be allowed to pass without fanfare.

Sure enough, when Kate enters her fourth decade on 9 January next week, Pippa and Harry will be on hand to ensure proceedings go off with a bang.

Celebrities Lips Real Pumped

Celebrities Lips Real Pumped, Journalists American news portal MSNBC.COM addressed to Dr. Tony UNU from Michigan, to comment on the lips of celebrities and assess whether they are natural. Despite the fact that Tony Yuen has nothing to do with celebrities, represented in this collection, and did not make them any cosmetic or medical procedures, he is competent enough for such an assessment, as an experienced certified plastic surgeon and author of a blog dedicated to "star" plastic operations.

The Top 10 Blondes in Hollywood

The Top 10 Blondes in Hollywood. With deep amber locks to icy white manes, these golden girls light up the room, stage, and screen.

Taylor Swift
Believe it or not, Swift's wispy and ethereal flaxen locks are totally natural. To achieve the look in a salon, "bring images of what you like and don't like to the consultation," colorist Jason Backe advises. "It's really hard to describe 'gold,' but a picture says a thousand words."

Celebrities Real Names

Celebrities Real Names. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood weren't born with them. But now it’s time to reveal their real names and compare both variants.

Lady GaGa - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Americas First No-Glasses 3-D Smart Phone

Move over Apple: AT&T announces America's first no-glasses 3-D smart phone
It's been a busy few days for AT&T.

First the company announced a $39billion buyout of Deutsche Telekom’s struggling T-Mobile USA.

Now they're planning to launch America's first 3-D smart phone in a matter of months.

Hot on the heels of the Nintendo 3-DS game device and its 3-D screen, the LG Thrill 4G will have a 3-D screen and will allow users to shoot 3-D video and 3-D stills with the dual 5-megapixel stereoscopic camera.