Royals Who Married Commoners

Royals who married commoners, Today marks the anniversary of Princess Grace's death. In honor, we compiled a list of other commoners who, like Grace, married into a royal family. Scroll down some other commoner-turned-royal.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge -- The current commoner-Royal couple of choice. William met his girlfriend at St Andrews University and they had an on/off relationship for years before finally marrying on April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey. Kate Middleton worked for Jigsaw Clothing before becoming the princess.

Famous Cartoon Voices

Famous Cartoon Voices - Their names might not ring any bells, but everyone recognizes their voices. Meet the actors who provide the pipes for Homer Simpson, SpongeBob and dozens of other cartoon characters. Plus, watch these amazing talents behind the scenes.

iPhone 5 and Leak

iPhone 5 and leak, It is the latest in a long line of leaks surround Apple's new iPhone.

But the newest video claims to show something no other leak has - an iPhone with a larger, 4 inch screen being switched on.

It comes amid a flurry of leaks claiming to reveal the new handset.

The video, which was upload to YouTube by an anonymous users, claims to show an iPhone 5 new to an iPhone 4S.

In the video, the new handset's controversial connector can be clearly seen, along with the larger 4 inch screen.