Running Wrinkles

Running Wrinkles, Running from wrinkles. Sitting around the coffee shop enjoying a post-long run recovery double-dose of caffeine a couple of Sundays back, the talk got around to somebody's new GPS device — and how it was so much better than the one it replaced.

"The satellite signal hardly cuts out at all when you're in the trees," Judy — the gizmo's owner said. "I think it's more accurate."

Creative and Unusual Art

Creative and Unusual Art
Where he met with a freak, break dansery, funk lover, artist and designer, whip fight, shorter than our man Alec Dovbysh, a Muscovite from Kharkov. The fact that it makes me seem fresh, creative and unusual. Here's the installation that it does:

Photos on the leaves

 Vietnamese artist Binh Dan wittily uses the well-known properties of the leaves to "seal" their photos. Put it on a sheet of film, he puts it in the sun and the rest of the work he does for chlorophyll. The resulting "picture" of wood covered with resin.

James Costa Videographer of Bride texting down the aisle

James Costa Videographer of Bride texting down the aisle, Caught in the Act: Bride Texting Down the Aisle. In the digital age of Facebook, Twitter and 24/7 texting, it seems as though very few things are sacred anymore. People text in movie theaters, in class and even while driving.

But one woman was caught texting in a really unusual place — her own wedding.

Watch video below: