The Oldest Living Tree Ever Recorded

The Oldest Living Tree Ever Recorded - The world's oldest recorded tree is a 9,550 year old spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden. The spruce tree has shown to be a tenacious survivor that has endured by growing between erect trees and smaller bushes in pace with the dramatic climate changes over time.

For many years the spruce tree has been regarded as a relative newcomer in the Swedish mountain region. "Our results have shown the complete opposite, that the spruce is one of the oldest known trees in the mountain range," says Leif Kullman, Professor of Physical Geography at UmeƄ University.

Pat Tillman Love Letter

Pat Tillman Love Letter - The widow of Pat Tillman, the NFL star who gave up his glittering career to serve his country and was killed by friendly fire, has revealed for the first time the letter he gave her to open in event of his death.

Marie Tillman kept the letter hidden at the bottom of a bedroom drawer where it lay untouched through his first two tours in Iraq. He was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004.

When she received the news of her 27-year-old husband's death, she went looking for the letter that she had hoped never to open.

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Rich Oilman Ranch Stampede

Rich Oilman Ranch Stampede

Rich Oilman Ranch Stampede - The Calgary Stampede is marking its 100th birthday this year and already it's gotten one humdinger of a present -- more than 3,000 hectares of a historic Alberta ranch, valued at $11 million.

Wealthy oilman Bill Siebens is turning a portion of his 130-year-old OH property over to the Stampede Foundation, along with the ranch's 1885 ranch house, the old cookhouse and a replica of a North West Mounted Police cabin.

Famous Beach Bodies Photos

Famous Beach Bodies Photos - The paparazzi fly into a frenzy whenever these famed figures take in some sun or go for a dip. Guess which stars these nearly bared bodies — some buff, some not-so buff — belong to.

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Officially Split

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp And Vanessa Paradis Officially Split - It's official: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have split after 14 years together.

The couple "have amicably separated," Depp's publicist said in a statement released to Entertainment Tonight Tuesday. "Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children."

As PEOPLE has reported, the two drifted into living separate lives after moving to Los Angeles from France. They haven't appeared together on a red carpet in a year and, an insider told PEOPLE about their crumbling relationship, "It's so sad."

Casey Anthony On The Run Again

Casey Anthony On The Run Again

Casey Anthony On The Run Again - Casey Anthony had been hiding out in the South Florida area, but moved last week because she began to fear for her safety and is once again on the move, is exclusively reporting.

Anthony has been in hiding in Florida since she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, but has recently been making forays back out in to the public, virtually unrecognizable due to the amount of weight she has gained.

Johnny Depp Silence Exile Cunning Quote Tattoo

Johnny Depp Silence Exile Cunning Quote Tattoo, From Edward Scissorhands to Pirates in the Caribbean, Johnny Depp has enchanted and enthralled audiences the world over with his performances. He has always experimented with the roles and the movies he does and has never shied away from acting in offbeat movies. Twice voted the sexiest man on the planet by People magazine, Johnny Depp is famous for playing roles of “iconic loners”.

Famous Escapes

Famous Escapes - As long as there have been ways to incarcerate people whether behind bars or through immoral ownership there have been escapes. Some are unsuccessful, such as the recent case of a 20-year-old man who jumped out of a moving police car, pictured here. And others are daring and brave and are among some of the most famous escapes in history.

Clean Up Or Die A Touchback Brian Presley

Clean Up Or Die A Touchback Brian Presley, After a season of abusing booze and steroids, Brian Presley had a choice: Clean up. Or die. God has a way of getting your attention like that. And for Presley, who’d grown up a Christian and had the best of intentions when he took on Hollywood as a young, ambitious actor, hitting rock bottom might have been the only way he’d finally sit up and listen.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar show

Mark-Paul Gosselaar show - Most actors have jobs on their resumes they'd love to disown, but it's rare for one to criticize the biggest role of his career. But that's exactly what "Franklin & Bash" star Mark-Paul Gosselaardid in an interview with Yahoo TV this week.

The 38-year-old actor, who got famous in the early '90s for playing Zack Morris on the teen sitcom "Saved by the Bell," had some unkind words to say about the series that gave him a career.

Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School

Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School - If you're a true Belieber, you'll know that this pop superstar Justin Bieber graduated from high school. Although he chose to juggle work and school Justin Bieber graduated high school for mom, many stars do not. Scroll through to see some surprising high school dropouts surprising high school dropouts. famous people who didn't graduate high school, justin bieber graduated high school for mom, surprising high school dropouts,

Portland Disease Date Lawsuit

The 49-year-old Beaverton divorcee was impressed when she met a 69-year-old Southeast Portland man on the Internet dating website eHarmony.

He seemed well-educated, charming and kind. They had a lot in common, including that she was a dental hygienist and he was a retired dentist. On the fourth date -- an evening that included hors d'oeuvres, wine and a few puffs of pot -- the two had sex.

Giant Squid Discovered [Photos & Video]

Giant Squid Discovered [Photos & Video]
Giant Squid Discovered [Photos & Video] - The “Giant Squid Attack By Shark” video is going viral with more than 400,000 views.

The footage which was shot off the coast of Australia shows an extremely rare, vibrant squid being chomped at by a hungry 8-foot blue shark. The rare squid appears to have been attacked by a sperm whale or another squid first. And in the case of shark vs. rare squid carcass, it seems the shark is the clear winner.

Crazy Things People Did For Love

Crazy Things people did for Love - They did what for love?, Crazy things people did for love, When one thinks of headline-grabbing love stories, at the top of the list is "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher, who shot her lover's wife on a front porch in Massapequa, N.Y. But that took place more than 20 years ago. While most romantic gestures don't involve attempted murder, we're looking at some of the other crazy things people have done for love. Amy Fisher shooting,

Celebrities Weight Issues

Celebrities Weight Issues, Although the media keeps showing us photos of Celebrities that have perfect bodies there has been a trend of celebritie that show the world their real bodies without retouching their pictures with photoshop. These are the cases of Holly Madison (Life & Style) and Aussie Jennifer Hawkins (Marie Claire).

Nicole Kidman No stunt pee used

Nicole Kidman No stunt pee used
Nicole Kidman No stunt pee used - IT'S the scene that gives a whole new meaning to eyes wide shut: Nicole Kidman urinating on Zac Efron's face in their new movie, The Paperboy.

And it turns out that Kidman and Efron are method actors.

While out promoting the movie at Cannes, Kidman told Deadline Hollywood the scene was done for real: "Yes, I did the scene. That was what Lee wanted. It was in the script. And it’s pretty out there. I mean I love Zac. He’s such a great guy and let me just say I am glad it was him. I feel safe with Zac and hopefully he feels safe with me. Oh my God I can’t believe it’s all over Twitter. Of course it would be all over Twitter."

Although Michael Haneke's dementia drama took the top award at Cannes, Kidman's pee was the talk of the festival. She plays a trailer trash Barbie in Lee Daniel's adaption of Pete Dexter's steamy crime thriller, and although critics have been less than kind about the movie, they have raved about her performance.

Big Bird Sun

Big Bird Sun
Big Bird Sun - A new photo from a NASA sun-watching spacecraft highlights a huge solar feature that looks a lot like the beloved Big Bird from the children's television show "Sesame Street."

The image, snapped today (June 1) by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) probe, actually shows a so-called coronal hole — an area where the sun's corona, or outer atmosphere, is dark. But the resemblance to Big Bird, or one of his feathered kin anyway, is uncanny.

"I can't get over how much this looks like Big Bird — but it is a coronal hole on the sun," reads a Twitter post today by Camilla Corona SDO, the spacecraft's rubber chicken mascot.

Stars Who Came Out

Stars Who Came Out, Raven Symone outed, With the recent outings of a former child star and a celeb chef and news that a punk rock star has come out as transgender, we look at just a few of the entertainers, politicians and athletes who’ve publicly come out of the closet. anne burrell outed, tom gabel against me transgender,