10 greatest sidekicks ever

The greatest sidekicks ever

The return of "The Green Hornet" via the big screen also brings back one of the greatest sidekicks ever: Kato. Kato, who is played by a Taiwanese musician in the new film, is certainly one of the greatest sidekicks ever created. But does he make our list of the top 10 fictional sidekicks of all time?
Rank: No. 10


Rank: No. 9

Garth Algar

Rank: No. 8


Rank: No. 7

Dr. Watson

Rank: No. 6

Ethel Mertz

Rank: No. 5


Rank: No. 4

Ed Norton

Rank: No.3

Barney Fife

Rank: No. 2


Rank: No. 1