Apophis Asteroid Will Make Close Impact Of The Earth

Apophis is an asteroid that was first discovered in 2004. Astronomers that have been observing the asteroid have predicted that it will make a close pass with earth on April 13, 2036, a Friday.
What are the chances that Apophis will actually hit earth? Currently the odds are 1-in-200. Apophis is about 1050 feet across and when it flies by the earth its orbit will be affected.

It is hard to predict how the gravitational pull of the earth will affect Apophis.

Astronomers will be closely observing Apophis in the coming years. The asteroid is also set to pass earth on 2029, but that isn’t the date that has astronomers worried.

The date they are watching for is April 13, 2036. Ironically the day is Friday the 13th, a day that many believe is bad luck.
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