Meet the new 'Charlie's Angels' cast

Rachael Taylor and Minka Kelly

Rachael Taylor and Minka Kelly are two of the fresh new faces in the upcoming TV series remake.
Ramon Rodriguez

31-year-old Ramon Rodriguez has been tapped to play Bosley in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels revamp, a TV series headed to ABC this fall. Rodriguez’s casting is just one part of a modern update for Bosley – the Angels’ handler will also be more tech-savvy and a bit of a ladies’ man, according to reports. Rodriguez was most recently seen in ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.’
Rachael Taylor

Australian actress Rachael Taylor is poised to become a member of the new Angel squad. Her character, Abby, is described as a sassy con artist and Krav Maga expert with a shady past. Also an alum of the ‘Transformers’ franchise (she played Maggie Madsen, a signals analyst), Taylor is currently appearing as a guest star on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’
Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly will also star as one of three fresh-faced Angels. Her character Marissa is tentatively set to be a neat freak ex-Marine with a penchant for weapons. Kelly was previously a series regular on ‘Friday Night Lights’ and starred in the winter blockbuster ‘The Roommate’ alongside Leighton Meester. 
Annie Illozeh
Annie Ilonzeh will join Kelly and Taylor to round out the Angel squad. She will reportedly play Kate, a smart ex-cop skilled in martial arts. A relative newcomer, Ilonzeh is best known for her role as Maya Ward on ‘General Hospital.’
Robert Wagner
According to numerous reports, Robert Wagner has signed on to voice Charlie, the Angels’ mysterious employer. A film and TV veteran, Wagner is perhaps best known for his role on series ‘Hart to Hart’ and recently resurfaced to play henchman Number Two in the ‘Austin Powers’ franchise.