Famous characters of unknown actors

Famous characters of unknown actors
Very few people know on the street, they did not ask for his autograph, they will not bother the paparazzi and fans, but know them all ... More precisely, the characters in the movie, which they played. Find out who is behind the mask Goluma, Freddy Krueger, C-3PO, Alpha and others!
Hobbit Gollum / Smeagolya in the trilogy Lord of the Rings served Briton Andy Serkis (Andy Serkis). He also owns the voice, face and body language of this that caused the real cult of fans of a mythical figure. Directed by Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) so come to the wild delight of the personality and play Andy, that instantly transformed it into a real image of the legendary King Kong.

The main villain of the universe from the Lord of the Rings in almost every film trilogy presented only as a giant eye. In the few scenes in which viewers see Sauron, he embodies the New Zealander Zala Baker (Sala Baker). In general, it is only understudy, who worked in the film crew. And not only in this trilogy, but also in the Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean.
After a series A Nightmare on Elm Street (Nightmare on Elm Street), where Freddy Krueger cut up their stomachs of their victims with knives nightmarish, famed actor Robert Englund. But how? In the masked serial killer with a disfigured face! On its eight films, television series, he said that it's fine to become synonymous with the character. Nicknamed Freddy Kruger, however, came up with classmates and the director's nightmare scenario - Wes Craven (Wes Craven). In turn, this was the revenge of the creative personality, proudly accepted the offensive drove.
British actor Doug Bradley (Doug Bradley) has also played in 8 films about Hellraiser (Hellraiser). However, the popularity of the actor does not bring this role, and his participation as the lead in concert the popular band Cradle of Filth. Author of fantasy about the Hellraiser Clive Barker, just a former classmate and good friend Bradley.
In contrast, Freddy Krueger killer operating in the Halloween, Michael Myers, who has a predilection for large kitchen knife, presented by different actors.
Among others, it portrayed Dick Warlock (left) and Nick Castle. Castle, along with director John Carpenter, who invented this maniac, he studied at one school. For this role, Carpenter he was paying $ 25 a day. To date he has written and directed. Strictly speaking, the Warlock began stuntman who did stunts for Kurt Russell.
Absolutely no one familiar singer guy from hell, Ron Perlman (Ron Perlman). In the cult film of the same name bestseller by Umberto Eco Name of the Rose, he played half-crazy monk Salvatore, who slurred babbling nonsense in different languages.
Jason Voorhees (Jason Voorhees), who performed the role of chief villain in the horror movie Friday 13, also was not alone. He is one of many actors who played this indefatigable villain. Stuntman Kane Hodder (Kane Hodder) - the only one who happened to play it in several series. To be precise, as much in four! Incidentally, in real life he is living in a private house at number 13 on 13th Street.
C-3PO and R2D2 - the only performers who starred in all episodes of the space saga. Inside the tiny robot from time to time was actor midget Kenny Baker (Kenny Baker), whose height is 112 centimeters
At his height 221 cm above Meyyu Peter Kenny Baker exactly a meter. In the 4-star wars, he played Hugh (Chu) Bucca, a co-pilot and friend of Han Solo. Before we get into the movie, the British nurse working in London. Casting the director George Lucas took place relatively easily. Peter was enough to just get up from his chair. Today the 64-year-old singer has been actively involved in the community of Star Wars friends and frequents a thematic exhibition.
Lucas could not find a singer for the role of Darth Maul (Darth Maul) in the movie Star Wars Episode 1. The Phantom Menace, released in 1999. That role went to a stuntman Ray Park. This left-hander hit an actor because of his swordsmanship skills. The success of Star Wars contributed to the fact that many actors played an understudy in the first film X-Men.
The alien extraterrestrial Alpha, which became in 1980 a superstar TV series, played a Hungarian Michu Meszaros (Michu Meszaros), whose growth does not exceed 83 cm With such a small stature, his passion is not for children. Magyar loves scotch whiskey and cigars.
Fousett Farrah, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith fought with the criminals in the three angels Charlie. Charlie gave them instructions through the loudspeaker. Charlie's voice belonged to John Forsythe (John Forsythe), who starred as the oil tycoon Blake Carrington for nearly than 70 films, television series Dynasty.
Conversation - that's true vocation of human-robot C-3PO from Star Wars. He is represented by actor Anthony Daniels (Anthony Daniels). All phrases that says C-3PO, from the first sentence in the first movie and until recently, in the latter - belong to him alone.