Most & least stressful jobs 2011

Most & least stressful jobs 2011
Most & least stressful jobs 2011. Most & least stressful jobs. Is the stress of your job giving you premature wrinkles. With unemployment still at a high, people are grateful just to be earning a paycheck. A new research study by Career Cast lists the most -- and least -- stressful jobs of 2011. See if your job made the cut and read about some less taxing alternatives.
Real estate agent
Stress score: 38.57

Long hours, an unpredictable housing market and a commission-based payment structure put real estate agents at No. 10 on the list of most stressful jobs of 2011.
No. 10 least stressful job: Work the stress right out of your life by making the switch to this career
Emergency medical technician
Stress score: 39.68

The stress of providing lifesaving support to patients en route to the hospital, as well as long shifts, lands emergency medical technicians ninth on the list.
No. 9 least stressful job: Choose this career and you'll be satisfied knowing you've helped patients improve their daily lives
Stress score: 39.7

We've heard about the stress of the stock market floor and seen evidence of it in movies. As it turns out, this is the eighth most stressful job of 2011.
No. 8 least stressful job: As it turns out, crunching numbers isn't as stressful as it sounds
Stress score: 39.93

The responsibility of designing a structurally sound building, while adhering to all sorts of building codes, usually under a tight deadline, lands architects seventh on the list of most stressful jobs of 2011.
No. 7 least stressful job: These scholars can pontificate all day without breaking a sweat.
Advertising account executive
Stress score: 41.05

Although the stars of this hit period TV show make it look easy, it turns out advertising account executives have it pretty tough. They must be creative, attentive to their clients' needs and fine with working long hours under tight deadlines.
No. 6 least stressful job: Even though it looked like a tough gig in this Oscar-winning film, this job, based on phonology, may just calm you down.
News anchor
Stress score: 43.56

If you thought news anchors just read off teleprompters and called it a day, you were mistaken. These hardworking folks have had to adapt to society's demand for 24-hour news and work hard to broadcast breaking news before the competition. Check out these funny news bloopers.
No. 5 least stressful job: These folks help keep your pearly whites sparkling, and apparently go home with little worry
Stress score: 47.09

Putting themselves in the line of fire to get that perfect shot earns photojournalists a spot on the stressful job list. Tight deadlines and a more demanding news market don't lighten the load, either.
No. 4 least stressful job: These IT whizzes keep stress at bay while creating the latest software programs
Senior corporate executive
Stress score: 47.41

These corporate executives have held a spot on this list for two years running. It's no wonder: The job requires a breadth of knowledge about business and technology.
No. 3 least stressful job: These computer geeks have it pretty good as the demand for Web development continues to grow
Public relations officer
Stress score: 47.6

The stress of making an organization or government agency look good is high. These people often give presentations and speeches, speak to the media and are ultimately responsible for the image of an organization.
No. 2 least stressful job: These food experts teach patients and their families how to eat well
Commercial pilot
Stress score: 59.53

Being responsible for the safety of all passengers is a lot of pressure – so much pressure, in fact, that being a commercial pilot is No. 1 on the list of stressful jobs in 2011. The aviators (see images) have to keep to a strict schedule and often deal with jet lag and layovers.
No. 1 least stressful job: It's not just hearsay – the least stressful job goes to these specialists