'90s Nickelodeon stars

'90s Nickelodeon stars
'90s Nickelodeon stars. With Nickelodeon churning out a whole new crop of teen stars on popular shows, let's take a look at Nickelodeon's most famous '90s shows and the stars who were in them.
'All That'
When: 1994-2000, 2002-2004

Then: The sketch comedy show helped launch the careers of some of its young stars.

Now: Kenan Thompson is now a member of this sketch comedy show; "The Loud Librarian" (who?) appeared in a Vince Vaughn movie; this singer hosts "America's Got Talent"; and this actress was only 10 years old when she joined.
'Clarissa Explains It All'
When: 1991-1994

Then: The spunky teen shared the facts of teenage life for four seasons, while warring with her brother, Ferguson, and getting some help from her best friend, Sam.

Now: Melissa Joan Hart, who went on to star in another show, is currently in this ABC Family show; Sean O'Neal stepped away from acting after this movie; and Jason Zimbler owns a theater company in this Northwest city.
'The Secret World of Alex Mack'
When: 1994-1998

Then: The chemically enhanced teen only let her best friend Raymond and sister Annie know about her secret powers.

Now: The star starred in a popular teen movie, recently guest starred on a '60s themed show and joined the cast of a tropical cop show.
'Hey Dude'
When: 1989-1999

Then: Set and filmed on a dude ranch, the show followed teenagers who worked the ranch for the summer.

Now: The show launched the career of this blond actress; this teen heartthrob starred with another Nickelodeon star; and this character actor appeared on this medical drama and was last seen on an ABC show.
'Salute Your Shorts'
When: 1991-1992

Then: Set at Camp Anawanna, the show followed a group of summer camp kids.

Now: Donkey Lips wore a bubble wrap suit in this movie; Telly appeared in a daytime soap opera; and see if you can recognize Ug's voice in this movie or this one.
'Double Dare'
When: 1986-193

Then: This slimy game show was a favorite that combined trivia, physical challenges, an obstacle course and lots of green goo.

Now: Nickelodeon tried to revive the show in 2000 with "Double Dare 2000", but you can catch the former host currently hosting a tasty Food Network show.
'Legends of the Hidden Temple'
When: 1993-1995

Then: Six two-person teams answered trivia and battled through an ancient temple obstacle course.

Now: The former host starred in a 2006 thriller and was in the pilot episode of this detective show.
'The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo'
When: 1996-1998

Then: Shelby, with help from her best friend, solved mysteries as an intern at a police station and lived with her innkeeper grandfather.

Now: IreneNg was on a soap opera and graduated from an Ivy League school. Pat Morita lent his voice to another popular Nickelodeon show and passed away in 2005.
When: 1992-1996

Then: This sketch comedy show had themes dealing with daily life. It was also full of original music and dance performances.

Now: She can be seen as a dancer in a recent Cher movie; this actress was on a Broadway tour in 2006; and this singer made a name for herself in contemporary Christian music.
'Are You Afraid of the Dark?'
When: 1990-2000

Then: This freaky show featured a group of the kids who got together around a campfire and told scary stories.

Now: The group's leader worked as a weatherman; this actress was in a country singer's sitcom; and this actress recently played a girlfriend on an HBO comedy.