Arnold Schwarzenegger museum opens in Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger museum opens in Austria
 Arnold Schwarzenegger museum opens in Austria. The world's first museum dedicated to former "Governator" and Mister Universe Arnold Schwarzenegger opened its doors Saturday in his birthplace of Thal in southern Austria.

The "Styrian Oak" himself was absent for the event, which was timed to coincide with his 64th birthday. But Schwarzenegger will attend a grander opening at a later date, organizers said.

Visitors, mostly locals, gathered for a first look at the two-story light yellow house in Thal, southern Styria, restored to look as it did when Schwarzenegger first came into the world on July 30, 1947.

Among the 1,000 objects and photos on display are his very first weights, with which the future champion bodybuilder started training, as well as the desk behind which he sat as California governor.

Monitors also recall Schwarzenegger's Hollywood career, with trailers from his various films, while a life-size model of his "Terminator" stands in a corner.

Exactly when Schwarzenegger will visit his first home for the grand opening was still unclear, but he was expected to bring with him a 10-foot (three-meter) high bronze statue he commissioned from a US artist to adorn the outside of the museum.
The former bodybuilder, actor and politician has sought to revive his film career since leaving the California governor's office earlier this year, but has mostly made headlines lately over his divorce from Maria Shriver after admitting in May that he had fathered a child with the couple's former housekeeper.

Source: myfoxboston