Best Car Movies Ever Made

Best Car Movies Ever Made
Best car movies ever made. Hollywood and the automobile have been a hot couple since the silent era. With "Cars 2" and "Fast Five" raking it in at the box office, the love affair is obviously still going strong. Here's a look at some of the coolest car movies ever made.
American Graffiti
Released: 1973

Plot: The whole town is cruising, and a showdown is brewing between John Milner in his '32 Ford and Bob Falfa and his '55 Chevy. And let us not forget that beautiful white T-Bird driven by the mysterious blonde, and Opie's '58 Chevy.
Released: 1968

Plot: Steve McQueen flies through the streets of San Francisco in his '68 Mustang GT.
The French Connection
Released: 1971

Plot: Do you pick your toes in Poughkeepsie? Gene Hackman commandeers a Pontiac LeMans and chases a train through Brooklyn. Arguably the greatest car chase ever filmed.
The Italian Job
Released: 1969 and 2003

Plot: MINI Coopers rule!
Gone in 60 Seconds
Released: 1974 and 2000

Plot: Steal a car. Steal another car. Steal another car. Steal another car.
Smokey and the Bandit
Released: 1977

Plot: The ultimate love triangle: A woman comes between a man and his car.
Back to the Future
Released: 1985

Plot: Drive a DeLorean, enter a time warp.
Released: 1998

Plot: Best use of a BMW outside of "Number 10."
The Fast and the Furious
Released: 2001

Plot: Street racing turns out to be more popular than some people imagined.
The Transporter
Released: 2002

Plot: Jason Statham plays the strong, silent type at the wheel.
Released: 1964

Plot: Cars have been an important element in all James Bond films, but in this one the lights shine especially bright on 007's Aston Martin.
Vanishing Point
Released: 1971

Plot: Denver to San Francisco in 15 hours isn't easy -- unless you're driving a Dodge Challenger.
Mad Max
Released: 1979

Plot: Futuristic police cars with Mel Gibson behind the wheel.
Le Mans
Released: 1971

Plot: Steve McQueen in a race car. Enough said.
Grand Prix
Released: 1966

Highlights: Won a couple of Oscars, but not for acting, writing or directing. That's a clue.
The Blues Brothers
Released: 1980

Plot: A 1974 Dodge Monaco on a mission from God.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Released: 1986

Plot: Ferris takes his friend's dad's Ferrari GT 250 out for a joy ride. What could possibly go wrong?
Released: 1986

Plot: Sly Stallone behind the wheel of a 1950 Mercury Monterey. Sunglasses are optional.
Risky Business
Released: 1983

Plot: Tom Cruise takes a Porsche for a swim.
The Dark Knight
Released: 2009

Highlight: The Batmobile. Period.

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