Carnie Wilson Foreclosure

Carnie Wilson Foreclosure
Carnie Wilson Foreclosure. Carnie Wilson has no one to blame for her unhappiness. She likely purchased a home during her musical heyday, watched it tripled in value during the boom years of 1990-2006, and then borrowed against it to support a lifestyle beyond her means. In other words: She got herself into her own mess.

Coming off her random, hilarious appearance in Bridesmaids, this member of iconic 1990s trio Wilson Phillips is facing a serious situation: foreclosure. As first reported by TMZ, Wilson has defaulted on her California home loan and has until July 21 to fork over the $1.6 million owed on the residence. Otherwise, the house goes up for auction.

Due to what may have been an impulsive purchase by the artist, the home-owning dream is no longer alive. The bank won't release her from the contract, no matter how many song-related puns we come up with.

Carnie and the property will likely go their own ways.

Source: thehollywoodgossip