Early Movie Star Scandals

Early Movie Star Scandals
Early Movie Star Scandals. Most people in this world are movie watchers whilst monitoring the life of one actor or actress. It is always a pleasure to be entertained by these celebrities. The thespians on the other hand demand their right to privacy, but somehow, that right is usually ignored by most people.

It is incontrovertible that our hunger for the private life of our movie stars is surely exigent. We usually wonder or even ask people online about superfluous issues like who she is dating, is she sleeping with him, why was he arrested or who the father of the baby is.
But movie star watching was not initiated during the 21st century. People have been monitoring movie stars ever since the first silent movie was shown. In fact, the first movie magazine was published in February 1911.

Roscoe Arbuckle was a noted movie star in the early 1920s that visible put his lasting mark on film. Nonetheless, Arbuckle is best remembered for his highly publicized criminal prosecution that prevented him to continue his career. Arbuckle may have been acquitted by a jury and the court gave a written apology, however, the scandal of the trial wrecked Arbuckle’s career.

After the trial, 10 years have passed before Arbuckle had pursued his career on screen. Setting aside Roscoe Arbuckle, two early celebrities also had their own scandals when Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford got married during the same year they filed a divorce with their spouses.

Drug scandals are also common to the movie industry. During the 1920s, there were drug scandals in Hollywood as well. The slaughtering of director William Desmond Taylor and the death of the actor Wallace Reid from morphine poisoning in were correlated to drug-related scandals.

The scandalous demeanor of Dorothy Gibson who was a popular star in a silent film and movie tycoon Jules Brulatour was a controversial issue in the 1920s. Gibson became Brulatour’s mistress for about six years. Brulatour’s wife sued him and filed for divorce. Worse, Gibson and Brulatour married but declared to be illegal.

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