Famous science fiction gadgets became reality

famous science fiction gadgets became reality
Famous science fiction gadgets became reality. An article in the LA Times that I read a couple months back had me a little worried about planet annihilation. “The end of the world as we know it; Europe’s atom-smasher may solve cosmic enigmas, reveal new dimensions — oh, and open a black hole,” was the title, written by John Johnson Jr.
I was going to write a post about it at the time, but instead of freaking everyone out, I decided to wait past the June 2008 launch date and see if we were actually all going to quietly vanish in a flash or not.

Maybe in some alter plane, we all died, but in this reality, we survived.

There’s this thing called the Hadron Collider that was some 20 odd years in the making by thousands of physicists; it resides deep under some cute little French and Swiss towns in a train-sized circular tunnel that span 17 miles. The concept is: Hey let’s shoot these subatomic particles at each other and recreate the big bang theory. Temperatures during experiments are hotter than the sun’s core and countered by temperatures colder than in outer space. Possible outcomes: black holes and time travel!

It’s a true story grandma would never believe. Grandma still can’t get over how long-distance calling is free.

While writing this article, I researched the date again, and the proton beams have not been shot. No wonder we’re still here! The experiment has been pushed back a few more months.

Oh, and by the way, it’s just a “micro black hole,” just a wee little thing, nothing about which to worry — except that black holes work by sucking in everything around them which makes them bigger and stronger (ie. smaller and more compact), which enables them to suck in more faster, including light — but this is all just theory — theory that will be put to the test.

Still sitting on my unpublished post, I see Yahoo! placed this story front page, “Scientists: Nothing to fear from atom-smasher.”

There are a lot of articles debunking fears and little in the way of challenging possible outcomes, uh, like the one wherein we all diiiiiiiieeeeee!

See, this is why things have to remain top secret, otherwise mass logic could get in the way scientific advancement.

The U.S. also had a cosmic plasma experiment under way, but supposedly abandoned it over a decade ago due to the billions of dollars in costs.

Researching further into the world’s scientific experiments, I found all kinds of fantastic ideas being tested by various nations around the world, the labs for which lurk deep under the earth’s crust.

Lots of projects are public knowledge, so just think about the ones that are not!

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