George Michael Jeremy Clarkson 'pig-ugly homophobe'

George Michael Jeremy Clarkson 'pig-ugly homophobe'
 George Michael Jeremy Clarkson 'pig-ugly homophobe'. George Michael has branded Jeremy Clarkson ‘pig-ugly as well as ‘homophobic’. The span embarked upon a sour argument after a Top Gear presenter retaliated to a Twitter diatribe by a singer, with a wanton snipe upon his motoring show.

Clarkson, 51, done a fun about a Wham! frontman’s passionate day to day after Michael wound him up by rising a debate upon a amicable networking site to have a automobile uncover camper. Top Queer: Jeremy Clarkson done a wanton remark about George Michael upon his Top Gear uncover final night after a thespian done a fun about a presenter upon his Twitter progressing this month

Jeremy, who has presented a motoring
show given 1988, laid in to a popstar as well as as he gave his examination of
a Jaguar XKR-S he commented: ‘It’s really quick as well as very, really loud. And
then in a corners it will get a tail out some-more straightforwardly than George

The wanton fun attempted to instil which Michael, who has been held cottaging in a past, was intimately promiscuous.

Michael afterwards took his fury online, saying: ‘Good pique Mr.Clarkson, we wasn’t implying your soaring heterosexuality was in question. we had no enterprise to insult you!

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