Greatest comic book villains

Greatest comic book villains
Greatest comic book villains. "Captain America: The First Avenger" arrives on screen tomorrow. Watch the trailer. In celebration, we offer a close-up look at the best comic book villains of all time.
Red Skull
Born Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull was a Nazi officer whose mind was placed into a cloned body of his archenemy
The Joker
Though his laugh might make you think he's crazy, the Joker is no fool. His trademark purple suit and mad clown appearance hide a brilliant but brutal criminal mind.
Scarred by his youth in Nazi concentration camps, Magneto sees himself as a savior of his race. Though he is sometimes a sympathetic character, Magneto's actions and self-serving vision show him to be the villain he really is
Victor von Doom
In an attempt to save his mother's soul, Victor von Doom was scarred in an explosion. Expelled from school following the incident, Doom was taken in by Tibetan monks who helped him create his suit of armor.
Lex Luthor
A scientist and undercover criminal, Lex Luthor sees himself as humanity's last hope, cheated out of his rightful power by his enemy.
Norman Osborn
For chemist and inventor Norman Osborn, the main goal was to get rich, but an accident with an experiment caused him to become the Green Goblin.
Once a district attorney, Harvey Dent was scarred on half of his face, which turned him into the criminal Two-Face
Born into hardship, Kingpin is a self-made villain whose thuggish style helped him rise to the top of the underworld
Ra's al Ghul
Who is he? Ra's al Ghul is a global bioterrorist who is bent on creating a perfect earth and believes that the best way to achieve this is by destroying humanity
Who is she? The alter ego of Selina Kyle, Catwoman flexes her claws as a cat burglar in her iconic black cat suit.
Once a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan's instructor, Sinestro's desire to take control of Korugar and establish his dictatorship ultimately resulted in his banishment and led him to join the Weaponers of Qward against the Green Lantern Corps
Doctor Octopus
Using his background in physics, inventor Otto Octavius created a harness with tentacles to help with his experiments. An accident caused the harness to fuse to Octavius' body, turning him into Doctor Octopus.
Venom is an alien parasite that needs another life form to exist. Venom found its perfect match in Eddie Brock, a vengeful news reporter whose career was ended by his archenemy.
Trained as an assassin, Bullseye becomes a hit man in the Kingpin crime family.
The God of Mischief played a pivotal role in Marvel Comics stories as a villain whose actions helped form the Avengers.

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