How to Bad Kisser

How to Bad Kisser
How to Bad Kisser. How to Deal With a Bad Kisser

When you find the person of your dreams, the person you are fated to be with for the rest of your life, it seems as if nothing can keep the two of you apart. Nothing except the fact that they are a terrible kisser. Here's a little game to help you deal with a bad kisser and improve your relationship drastically.


1. Identify the issue at hand. Before you can solve the problem, you have to truly get specific about what it is. Maybe it's bad breath, maybe they are a bit sloppy or have a tongue that flutters out of control. Whatever the issue, you must find out what it is. Kiss your partner with the intention of finding out exactly what is bothering you.

2. Tell them that you want to play a game. Partners are always up for a little spice in the bedroom. Inform them that you can kiss them, but that they cannot kiss you back.

3. Instruct them to close their eyes and lay a gentle kiss on them. As you kiss, make it passionate, exploring all aspects of their mouth. However, the moment they try to kiss you back, stop kissing and playfully tease them that they're not allowed to kiss you.

4. Switch roles in the game. Now this may seem like an absolute horror, as you're afraid that they're suddenly going to slobber all over you. But the moment they begin kissing you, start kissing them back. They'll of course remind you of the rules, at which point you simply say "I'm a sore loser."

5. Toss them onto the bed, couch, blanket or other piece of furniture and proceed. If their kissing during the love-making becomes abominable, then focus on kissing other parts of their body.

Tips & Warnings

Talking about a kissing technique you read about, or saw in a magazine or movie will move the conversation away from any potential fault from them and place it in an area where the two of you are working on your relationship together. Truth is, there's probably something that you're not great at which they aren't telling you. Considering each other's feelings is a great way to deepen the relationship between the two of you.