Job Interview Makeup

 Job Interview Makeup
Job interview makeup. First impression is very important when it comes to job interviews, and appearance is an important part of the first impression. Everyone wants to present their image of reliability, competence, professionalism and strength to support their resume. This message can be put across to the interview by proper grooming and appropriately applied makeup. Let examine certain simple tips regarding this: • Never apply makeup in a scurry. Take your own time to perfectly blend the foundation and blush.

• Get rid of any errant eyebrow hair or chin hair with the help of a pair of tweezers.

• It is important to maintain proper eye contact with your interviewer during the processes of overboard. However, this doesn’t mean that one should go overboard with their eye makeup. This is because you need to look competent and capable, not sultry or sexy. Use muted tones like grey, brown and taupe for your eyes.

• After applying mascara on your eyelashes, comb through them to remove any heinous clumps.

• Avoid applying lip gloss for an interview. Stick of muted and semi matte tones. Berry tone and neutral pink can work well.

• Avoid wearing any makeup comprising of glitter, shimmer or sparkle.

• Use natural looking blushes such as soft pink hue.

• One might perspire more than usual during an interview due to the added stress. Therefore, it is important to keep blotting tissues handy at all times. Besides this, it is better to apply translucent powder before the interview.

• Arrive about 10 minutes early at the venue of the interview to check and touch up your makeup in a nearby café or restroom. Check for perspiration, crumbs around the lips, lipstick on teeth and other such things.

• Also, keep in mind the fluorescent lighting can have a drastic effect on the makeup, particularly that will orange and green tones. Therefore, it is advisable to use colors in rose and pink families to combat this effect.

Source: goodeveningworld