Make your own roadside emergency kit

Make your own roadside emergency kit
Make your own roadside emergency kit. For a lot of people, a vehicle breakdown on the road is solved by simply calling OnStar, Triple A, or perhaps a friend or relative who happens to be close by.
Consider this – in a roadside emergency where your vehicle is broken down what would happen if your cell phone does not work in the area you are traveling? Perhaps the cell phone is not working at all? Maybe you are on a lonely stretch of road late at night or in the early morning hours with little chance of help for some time to come.

With no way to make your own emergency repairs you may have to flag down a passing motorist – a potentially risky proposition these days. In remote areas you may even have to spend the night, or longer, waiting for rescue.

Modern conveniences have often blinded us to the fact that roadside emergencies can happen where outside rescue may not be available for an extended period. In such situations you do not want to find yourself unprepared and your very survival at stake. Especially if the needed fix would be simple had you the right materials and tools.

The skilled survivor has the basic materials and tools to make auto repairs he is likely to encounter while out on the road. Survivors keep a well stocked Emergency Roadside Kit in their vehicles at all times.
Make a Roadside Emergency Kit

You can easily make a Roadside Emergency Kit with the following items:

Jumper cables
Roadside flares
Two quarts of motor oil
One Gallon of antifreeze
Basic First aid kit
Wool Blanket
Reflective Emergency Blanket
Extra fuses
Flashlight with extra batteries
Gerber Multi-tool
Vise Grips
Adjustable wrench
Fix a Flat
Tire pressure gauge
Roll of paper towels
Roll of duct tape
Spray bottle with washer fluid
Ice scraper
Collapsible Shovel
Pen and paper
Help sign
Energy Bars
Bottled water
Several candles to heat car interior and provide light
Waterproof matches, FireSteel, and a lighter to build a fire

Store your Emergency Roadside kit in rugged milk crates or plastic container.

In addition, Survival Topics has an article on how you can easily make a survival heater for your car.

Of course this Emergency Roadside Kit will not take care of all roadside emergencies. There are just too many things that can go wrong. And it does not cover the materials you will need for survival should you become stranded on a wilderness road for more than a day. But this simple emergency roadside kit will often allow you to make common simple repairs and get yourself out of trouble and back onto the road.
So do yourself a favor.

Make a Roadside Emergency Kit and keep it in the trunk of your vehicle at all times. One day you will be glad you did.

Source: survivaltopics