Makeup Disasters

Makeup Disasters
Makeup Disasters. We've dug up some of the worst make-up jobs ever seen; from foundation that looks like it's been applied with a trowel, to lipstick jobs that could rival The Joker's.
Christina Aguilera
Photographed at the Harrods summer sale opening, Christina looks like she's about to board the Good Ship Lollypop.
Paris Hilton
Paris has been hanging around Oompa Loompas so much, she's starting to look like one.
Victoria Beckham
There are a lot of things that don't look quite right about Posh. Her make-up's just one of them.
Avril Lavigne
It's OK Avril, we're scared too.
Kelly Osbourne
Yeah, we know she's a goth. But that's no excuse.
Mischa Barton
Mischa reprises her role as the little dead girl in The Sixth Sense.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Also a fan of the 'death chic' look, SJP looks more likely to marry Frankenstein than Mr Big in this scene from Sex And The City.
Catherine Zeta Jones
Looks like a nasty case of panda eyes for CZJ.
Sharon Stone
And they say pandas are an endagered species... pfft.
Jennifer Lopez
Who knew J-Lo only had nine lashes on each eye?

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