Most Americans work while on vacation

Most Americans work while on vacation
Vacation just isn’t what it used to be. Most Americans find themselves taking “workations” — staying connected with the office even during summer vacation, according to research from Regus.

Here are some statistics from the more than 5,000 U.S.-based businesses polled for the survey: • Half of Americans said they will work during their summer vacations.

• Three-quarters said they’ll stay connected with the office “in some way” while on vacation.

• Two-thirds said they will check and respond to email. • Just less than one-third said they might attend virtual meetings while on vacation.

If Americans take work on vacation, it begs the question of how often they take work home. According to the survey, six of 10 respondents said they take work home more than three times a week.

“Modern work pressures mean that more and more of us work during our vacations,” Regus Americas CEO Guillermo Rotman said in a release. “The important thing is to minimize the inconvenience by working as efficiently as we can.”

Rotman suggested using hotel business centers to ensure productivity for an hour rather than lounging poolside and struggling for several hours to get work done.

Source: bizjournals