Queen of Pop in 2011

Queen of Pop in 2011
 Queen of Pop in 2011. The life that surrounds the great stars of the music seems attractive and luxurious, but is also marked by fierce competition. A rivalry between divas who, in 2011, is more hard fought than ever, thanks to the rise of the Internet, social networks and digital downloads. Taking these data and other indicators of success, we have selected the great artists of the moment, to choose from including the "Queen of Pop" in 2011.

Albums sold by: Taylor Swift
 9.8 million sales put Taylor Swift as the undisputed leader of sales, a figure is evident and is not far from the records of the singer. Even Lady Gaga, with 7.2 million albums sold worldwide, is close to the sweet Taylor.

Sales in one week: Lady Gaga

 Total sales are fine but there is nothing like "come and jump to the top," the week that an artist is selling its disk. Lady Gaga holds the record in this section, with 1.108 million copies sold to Born This Way in just seven days after being put on sale in late May.

For downloaded songs: Lady Gaga

 Gaga shows that 2.0 is an artist lead the ranking of digital downloads. The singer recorded more than 33,419,000 downloads, well ahead of the 25 million downloads of his rival in such sales, Taylor Swift.

For views on Youtube: Rihanna

 Nearly 1,250,000 views credited to Rihanna as an artist most watched on YouTube. Usually attributed this post to Lady Gaga (in second place with nearly a million copies), but Rihanna wins by total viewings of four of his music: "What's My Name," "Rude Boy", "Only Girl (in the World) "and" Do not Stop the Music. "

For massive social networks: Lady Gaga

 This section also shows Lady Gaga supremacy. The singer has a brutal figure of 11.1 million followers on Twitter, while Facebook has raised nearly 40 million "like". Rihanna In this social network on the heels, with 39 million.
By grossing tours: Pink

 It is easy to follow on Twitter but an artist to buy a ticket to the concert is a major effort. This is seen in shows Lady Gaga Britney Spears, both close to 130 million total benefits. But neither can compete with Pink, who since 2009 has so far made ​​the tour "Funhouse", achieving dramatic sales figure of almost 150 million euros.

By Number of Awards: Taylor Swift

 Counting the Billboard awards, MTV Awards, People's Choice awards and Grammy nominations, winning outright Taylor Swift is a total of 42. But it should not rest on their laurels: Lady Gaga is just after with 40 awards, while Beyonc√© ranks third with 34.

For positive reviews: Taylor Swift

 Taking a sampling of critics such as Rolling Stone or Metracritic again regained Taylor Swift. Their average is 155 positive reviews from 2009 to 2011. Follow the Swedish artist Robyn (154) and Shakira (153).

Queen of Pop 2011: Lady Gaga

Currently, there is only one "Queen of Pop": Angelina Joanne Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga. The figures are indisputable, but so is the tenacity and effort that this artist has put into their work, exalted as musical diva in 2011.