Record Temperatures in Canada

Record Temperatures in Canada
Record temperatures in Canada. Temperatures in Windsor and other parts of southwestern Ontario are so extreme that Environment Canada has upgraded the humidex advisory to a weather warning.

In a special weather statement just before 11 a.m. ET, Environment Canada said that the upgrade was meant to highlight extreme temperature and humidex values. The high heat combined with with warm overnight conditions make this heat event particularly significant, it said. Meteorologists were saying that Windsor and other Ontario communities were likely to break heat records on Thursday.

"I'm sure that daily records are going to fall all across southern Ontario," said CBC meteorologist Nick Czernovich. "That's a given. Will monthly records fall? That's a possibility. Will all-time records fall? That's a close call."

The temperature is forecast to peak at 39 C in Windsor. The record for Thursday is 40.2 C, set in 1988.

At 11:30 a.m. Windsor had already hit 32 C, with a humidex value of 45 C.

The health unit has extended the heat alert until at least Sunday. The humidex was expected to reach 47 on Thursday and Environment Canada was forecasting above normal temperatures right through the weekend.

It was encouraging people to drink water and stay in an air-conditioned building.

Those who fix air conditioners have also been busy this week. Fairhall Mechanical said it has double the number of calls it usually gets.

They're fixing broken air conditioners around the clock. The company expected to get 1,200 calls by Sunday.

Source: yahoo