Samira Ahmed hair

Samira Ahmed hair
Samira Ahmed hair. One of Britain's Channel 4 News' senior news presenters has quit after being told that her hair was too scruffy for television. Samira Ahmed, who had been on Channel 4 News for 11 years, announced her departure this week and has secured work at the BBC.According to The Daily Mail, the 42-year-old was repeatedly told by executives at ITN, which employs her, that Channel 4 chiefs did not like her hair. The relationship between Ahmed and her bosses reached a low point last June after she filmed a report about British Government advertising in the wake of the spending cuts.

She was seen speaking to the camera in a London square. Her hair was left loose. The report is understood to have been put together on a day Channel 4 chiefs were visiting the newsroom and ITN bosses were desperate to impress them, the report said.

Ahmed was reportedly told that the shots of her had to be removed from the report.

However, she refused and it went out with her still in it.

Bosses are said to have accused Ahmed of risking her colleagues' jobs and the ITN contract with Channel 4 by not doing what they had told her.

Source: newkerala