Summer camps for grown-ups

Summer camps for grown-ups
Summer camps for grown-ups.Who says summer camp is just for kids? Plenty of adults are getting in on the fun, and mature campers now have nearly as much variety to choose from as their age-challenged counterparts. So, pack your bags and get moving to these camps for adults only.
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp
Fun for adults: No more regretting that you never made it to Woodstock. Unleash your inner rock star at this camp, where you'll have a chance to perform at the home of the famed 1969 rock festival, mixing and mingling with members from classic bands like this one
Greystone Inn
Fun for adults: When summer camp sounds fun but roughing it doesn't, there's an elegant place in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains that bridges a little adventure with pampering. How does canoeing, hiking, fishing and working on your golf at the Tom Fazio Golf Learning Center sound, along with afternoon tea, a champagne cruise, gourmet breakfast and comfy, historic digs
Surf Diva Surf School
Fun for adults: Guys, don't be put off by the name -- this surf's-up experience is for everyone. The "diva" name comes from twin sisters Izzy and Coco Tihanyi, who founded the school, which offers quick but safe surfing instruction if you've got only an afternoon and can meet up at various spots on the California coast
Vashon Island Sewing Retreat
Fun for adults: Stitching up a twice-yearly getaway for those who love to immerse themselves in a material world, this Pacific Northwest event is organized by the Stitching Girls Society and takes place at Camp Burton, a retreat center.
Camp Unleashed
Fun for adults: Since when is boarding your best friend in a kennel part of the ultimate getaway plan? Dogs and their human companions run free in the great outdoors at Camp Unleashed, a four-day escape established in the Berkshires region of Massachusetts. There are two more locations in California and North Carolina.
Calm Waters Rowing Camp
Fun for adults: Row, row, row your boat at a three- or four-day camp that helps masters-level scullers hone techniques or introduces beginners to the strenuous sport. Afterward, drag your aching muscles back to your room in an elegant antebellum mansion or explore the beautiful 54-acre Virginia estate.
Archaeology Field School
Fun for adults: Some grown-up campers are looking for a down and dirty experience, not luxury. Wannabe archaeologists spend a week in June digging for relics at the Texas Archaeology Society Field School, which has been going on for nearly 40 years at various locations around the state.
Bull riding camp
Fun for adults: The bull riding "camp" at The Ranch at Jesus Canyon is a potentially transformative daylong experience for those looking for a true challenge out on the range. Plenty of safety training and a simulated bull ride precede the actual eight-second experience.

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