Sun-Damaged Hair

Sun-Damaged Hair
Sun-Damaged Hair. Your hair can become damaged, dry and frizzy for a number of reasons. Chemical processes such as relaxers, perms and dyes, genetics, health conditions and environmental factors such as overexposure to sun and wind can cause serious damage to your locks. Reversing sun damage is not easy but it's also not impossible. Following a regular, at-home hair-care routine coupled with a few visits to your local salon should help to get your hair back in shape.

Step 1
Trim your hair regularly. Keeping your ends neat, even and free of splits by getting frequent but small trims will help to remove the damaged parts of your hair while your hair grows out.

Step 2
Use a weekly hot oil treatment before shampooing. You can purchase these treatments in most drug, health and grocery stores. According to Daily Glow, you also can make your own by combining olive and canola oils. You can apply this mixture in the same way you would apply a store-bought treatment. Leave the mixture on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow with shampoo to remove excess oil and residue.

Step 3
Wash your hair with a reconstructing or repairing shampoo. Look for products that contain proteins such as keratin or silk protein, which can help to add protein and build strength in your hair. Don't wash more than three times a week unless your hair is very oily. Washing too often can strip your hair of the natural oils and moisture it needs during the healing process.

Step 4
Condition your hair with a reconstructing or repairing conditioner containing protein each time you wash. As with the shampoo, these products will add protein and moisture to your hair. Apply the conditioner to towel-dried hair and comb through using a wide-toothed comb. Allow the conditioner to penetrate for five to 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 5
Apply a leave-in conditioner after you wash. spoke with Gil Ferrer of the Gil Ferrer Salon in New York City, who suggests looking for a leave-in conditioner containing sunscreen to help protect your hair from ultraviolet rays. If you plan to go swimming or spend extended time outdoors, rub a bit of leave-in conditioner to your hair to help protect it from further damage.

Source: livestrong