Cancer Mother Wedding

Cancer Mother Wedding
Cancer Mother Wedding. Skype Helps Terminal Cancer Mother Watch Wedding from Death Bed. Terminal cancer didn't stop a mother being at the wedding of her daughter while on her death bed. Thanks to Skype, a bitter-sweet ending is priceless. The story of Ashley Broering and Patty Davisson is endearing.

Technology is used in many ways today. In fact, humankind depends on it in various ways to complete their daily lives. The anticipation of the Apple iPhone 5 release date is just an example of how in demand technology is.

Ashley Broering's memories are sealed in her heart, thanks to the innovation and video conferencing technology by Skype.

With her wedding rapidly approaching, the grim news that her mom Patty Davisson was near death became sobering.

The fear arose that Davisson would not be strong enough or alive to see that special day.

But Skype let the cancer-stricken mother watch the wedding of her daughter from bed, using several laptops and other equipment.

And according to Broering, it was the most memorable day in her life, says the Huffington Post. The dream that every daughter wants would not be deferred; Patty Davisson would watch the entire ceremony—from the cake cutting to the nuptials.

Family members pitched in on helping with the setup, and it went off without a hitch. A friend of the family said it was emotional the instant the camera was turned on and the wedding began.

"When she walked down the aisle she smiled and waved at her mom. At that moment, there wasn't a dry eye in that church," said Andrea Boettcher.

Even guests were able to say hello to the dying mom at the end of the wedding.

Just the thought that cancer in her mother did not ruin her wedding day is as good as it gets. Even the thrill of winning the Florida lottery or the Powerball is not enough to compare to this momentous event.

"I just feel very blessed to live in a time where this technology is available ... where this is possible," said the new bride.

Patty Davisson passed away three weeks after the fairy tale wedding.

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