Cher Lloyd hotel

Cher Lloyd hotel
Cher Lloyd hotel. Cher Lloyd "Trashed Five Star Hotel Room"
She was told off by record label bosses after the alleged incident...
Cher Lloyd has reportedly been in trouble with her management after ransacking a hotel room.

The X Factor star, who recently admitted she gets lonely staying away from home, is said to have left cigarette butts and burn marks all over the lavish five star suite.

According to The Sun, staff at the hotel were "furious" with the state of the room and complained to Cher's record bosses, claiming that she had left it an "unacceptable condition."

An insider told the newspaper: "The room looked a right state. There were fag butts and ash everywhere. It didn't look pretty at all."

"She got a serious dressing-down from bosses for her behaviour after management and her label had to patch things up with the hotel."

They added: "They couldn't be too hard on her though - she is selling records and doing well. She won't be doing it again in a hurry."