Cher Lloyd lottery Cheryl Cole

Cher Lloyd lottery Cheryl Cole
Cher Lloyd lottery Cheryl Cole. CHER Lloyd says she's got more chance of winning the lottery than talking to Cheryl Cole again. The mouthy X Factor teen — who was mentored by the former judge last year — revealed that she never even had Cheryl's number when they seemed so close on the show.

Cher, 18, was dubbed a "mini Cheryl" thanks to their similar styles and backgrounds during her time on the series. When asked if she still had the Girls Aloud star's mobile number, Cher told James Merritt on BRMB: "I didn't have her mobile number to begin with. I've got more chance of winning the lottery than catching up with her."

And the Swagger Jagger singer later confirmed to MTV News that she hadn't spoken to Cheryl since the X Factor ended.

Asked about the 28-year-old, Cher sniped: "Here we go again, everything's about Cheryl.

"I really do get fed up with the comparisons that people make with me and Cheryl. We look nothing like each other, and we are nothing like each other. I mean we don't sing the same type of music, which you will see when my album comes out.

"It's completely different to anything she's ever done. Sometimes it's a big compliment, but yet that's not the way it is.

"I haven't spoken to Cheryl since the show. Not on my behalf, just because maybe she's been busy and I've been busy too. People automatically assume that you're gonna be best buddies. It doesn't work like that."

Cher recently said she didn't listen to Girls Aloud when she was growing up — because the group was "too cheesy".

Source: thesun