Joey Barton helps catch burglar

Joey Barton helps catch burglar
Joey Barton helps catch burglar. Joey Barton's eventful month continued on Sunday morning as he helped police catch a burglar near his home in Newcastle. The controversial midfielder disturbed the intruder in the early hours of Sunday morning as he attempted to burgle the house next to Barton's.

The England international then provided police with his own CCTV footage - which is believed to have led to the capture of the criminal. Barton tweeted: “5.26am. Was awoken by a banging sound, burglar attempting to break in to neighbour’s house. Needless to say he was disturbed and apprehended.

“He was so subtle he attempted to put a massive log through the window in broad daylight. Police have him now.”

Another local resident added: “My neighbour was awoken by the doorbell ringing and looked outside.

“He didn’t see anyone so went back to bed. Moments later he heard a huge thump so he shouted ‘what do you think you’re doing?’ The crook ran off but dropped his mobile phone.

“Then Joey came out and the burglar had been caught on his CCTV. The police were then able to identify the man.”

Source: yahoo