Kim Kardashian's Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian's Butt X-Ray
Kim Kardashian's Butt X-Ray. In a final attempt to put to rest rumors that her rear end is fake, Kim Kardashian has had her butt X-rayed. The reality TV star has been dogged by speculation her famous derriere has been enhanced with implants, but her sister Khloe has now put the rumours to rest by posting a picture of Kim on posing next to an X-ray image of her bottom.Khloe captioned the picture, "She's all natural baby!", adding, "Kim got a butt X-Ray... See, it's real! LOL (laugh out loud)... Nothing like a good old Armenian a** to get your day going!"

We are sure the X-ray, just like her rear, is the real deal, but the thing is it just looks like a blob of bright light in the twit pic Khloe sent around.

Kim herself has responded to the posting as tweeting, "Haha! The things my sisters have me do! Proof baby!"

Of course, the taking of the X-ray and Kim's reaction to having it done were filmed for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians scheduled to air this sunday, June 26 on E!

Thank goodness Kim got engaged to boyfriend Kris Humphries. If this is the kind of hijinks the Kardashian clan resorted to in order to fill air time, it would have been a very boring season.