Sarah Ferguson storms out of 60 Minutes interview

Sarah Ferguson storms out of 60 Minutes interview
Sarah Ferguson storms out of 60 Minutes interview. Sarah Ferguson has walked out of an Australian television interview, as seen in the preview video below.

The Duchess of York, who used to be married to Prince Andrew, stormed off the 60 Minutes set after reporter Michael Usher asked her to watch old News of the World footage of her offering to sell access to her ex-husband.

Ferguson's manager John Scott said that he called the show's producer Hamish Thomson earlier this week, demanding that the walk-out was not shown on TV.

"He hasn't had the decency to get back to me," he told The Daily Telegraph. "Nor has [Channel Nine boss] David Gyngell, despite showing the Duchess in the worst possible light.

"We had gone through all the questions and subject matter beforehand and filmed all the walking in the park footage before we sat down. She did walk out when she was ambushed - no, it was entrapment - but after cooling down she said to me, 'F**k them, let's do this', and she did, but it was a banal interview and her demeanour reflected that."

Thomson yesterday responded: "She agreed to talk about the issue, as she has already extensively done, so it certainly wasn't entrapment."

Ferguson, who was not invited to the royal wedding earlier this year, has previously said that the News of the World scandal "saved" her, adding: "Before I was just on auto-drive... now I feel as if I've got my life back."

Source: digitalspy