Shia labeouf public meltdown

 Shia labeouf public meltdown. Shia Labeouf Public Meltdown, Actor Shia LaBeouf publicist is downplaying reports suggesting that the actor became unruly at a party in Los Angeles on Friday night (26Aug11), insisting on the departure of the star of Transformers since the coup has been “misinterpreted “.Customers told Life & Style magazine that the actor In spitting water over your date and rocker Marilyn Manson, who also attended the event at the nightclub The Box, and that seemed to have “a public crisis.”

But Melissa Kates LaBeouf representative insists there was no incident and everything has been blown out of proportion.

She tells WENN, “Shiites actually left early … went to see one of the bands performing in the window and went after it ended.

“Exit through a crowded room was apparently misunderstood. No altercation.”

Viewers had told Life & Style that LaBeouf “was released through the crowd sitting very thick, and the crowd begged him and encouraged him to sit.”

One audience member told the publication, “Shiites had to climb on people and the wear of the clutches of various strangers who were trying to avoid going crazy. Your date of panic and ran after him.

“It was crazy. He just had the right to total collapse in sight. It was completely out of control. I was so angry and physics. He was determined to get out.”