Snoop Dogg football

Snoop Dogg football
Snoop Dogg football. Snoop Dogg Football, Rapper Snoop Dogg released a version of its popular Chicago Youth Football League Saturday, saying he hoped the program will give children in high-crime neighborhoods of a positive statement for its energy.Dance and high fiving his way through a large crowd in the Global Chicago Indoor Sports, playful artist appeared determined to comply with all children participating in the inaugural season of Snoop Youth League Soccer city . Chicago is a division of the league who settled in Los Angeles in 2004. Snoop Dogg spent most of their time interacting with children and more than 100 fans, many of whom waited hours for his arrival. “When I entered the building, I felt the spirit,” said the rapper of the welcome that included strong non-stop photo flashes. Obviously moved, smiled and danced Snoop Dogg and his songs played in the background.

He credits football, a sport he played growing up, so many children in California League incentive to focus on their education and other aspects of their lives. Chicago hopes young people use the program to find out what they want to do with their lives, and he is eager to see how they respond.

“I want something to fight,” he said of his intentions with the new league. “At the end of the day, they are our future.”

The League of California has eight chapters with over 3,000 participants. League of Chicago will have six chapters, with over 1,500 participants.

Snoop Dogg said the league boasts a strong support system, led by coaches and parents. “We’re teaching life skills,” he said, referring to more-than-football approach of the program.

The rappers also proud that the league is not afraid to get into some of the most dangerous neighborhoods to reach young people living in them.

“Let’s toughest areas,” he said. “We will deal with them face to face.” Chicago League starts in August and is open to youth 7-14.