Tom Waits New Album 2011

Tom Waits New Album 2011
Tom Waits New Album 2011. Tom Waits, the jack-of-all-trades singer/songwriter, actor, writer, composer, and poet, is set to release his next studio album on Oct. 25th. His forthcoming album, Bad As Me, is his first studio album of original music since 2004. As reported by TwentyFourBit, the title track went up for sale and the album went up for pre-order on iTunes today. You can also check out a pretty ridiculous non-announcement video below that is really just Waits going off on internet privacy. The tracklist is as follows:

1. “Chicago”
2. “Raised Right Men”
3. “Talking At the Same Time”
4. “Get Lost”
5. “Face to the Highway”
6. “Pay Me”
7. “Back In the Crowd”
8. “Bad As Me”
9. “Kiss Me”
10. “Satisfied”
11. “Last Leaf”
12. “Hell Broke Luce”
13. “New Year’s Eve”
14. “She Stole the Blush” *
15. “Tell Me” *
16. “After You Die” *

*on deluxe edition only