Viral Videos August 2011

Viral Videos August 2011
Viral Videos August 2011. Looking for some new water-cooler topics? Look no further than this month's viral videos. From crazy animal antics to daredevil feats, they've got it all. Scroll through to see what the online world is buzzing about.
Dogs show shark they're in charge. You've heard about dogs herding sheep but what about dogs herding sharks? You might be surprised at the winner of this recent dog versus shark encounter off the shores of Australia.

Dog tries to bring pool indoors. Gus the dog tries to beat the summer heat by cooling off in his pool. The only problem is, he wants to swim indoors. Is he successful in dragging his pool inside? Watch and find out.

Boy shows off incredible voice. Young Brendan MacFarlane wows thousands with his rendition of Sam Cooke's "Just Another Day". Where's Brendan from?
Kitten quits for the day. Nighty-night! Life as a kitten can be exhausting. Watch one tired little kitten as she gears up for a big nap.

Cute kids dance to OutKast. Watch two young boys boogie to the OutKast hit "Hey Ya" in this viral video. Is "Dancing With the Stars"

World-record blob launch. A group from Switzerland set a Guinness World Record in blob jumping by launching someone 17 meters into the air.

Awesome motorcycle riding skills. The only doughnuts this cop is doing are on his motorcycle. Watch police officer Donnie Williams race through this challenging training course on his bike.

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Shark busts through cage. Have you ever wanted to see a shark up close? Although shark cage diving is normally pretty straightforward, one diver got more than he bargained for on a recent viewing.

Living in a walk-in closet. Apartments in the Big Apple are pricey but the Manhattan dweller in this video is happy to sacrifice space for cheap rent in his teeny tiny home

Golden retriever takes a break from the heat. People weren't the only ones affected by the record-breaking heat wave this summer. These two golden retrievers also sought refuge from the heat. Check out how they managed to keep cool in the pool.
BASE jumping without the jump. Want an adrenaline rush without having to actually do anything risky? Live vicariously through this helmet-cam footage of a thrill-seeking extreme sport.
RC superhero to the rescue. Remote control cars and planes have officially been upstaged by this latest viral video sensation. Superman and this nocturnal superhero may be out of a job now that this remote-controlled superhero is patrolling the skies.
Cutest argument ever. Kids say the darnedest things and apparently bickering starts at a young age. Despite trying their best to be serious, these two little ones can't help but be adorable in what is possibly the cutest argument ever.
Planking fail. Though the bizarre Internet fad of planking seems easy enough, this video shows its dangerous side. Watch and try not to laugh as a planking goes terribly wrong.
Best pre-event prayer. This viral video is like a scene out of this comedy film. Watch as a pastor thanks God for everything from Goodyear Tires to his "smokin' hot wife."
Insane motorcycle cliff stunt. Could this guy be the new Evel Knievel? If you have a fear of heights try not to feel queasy while watching this thrill-seeking motorcyclist perform an insane, gravity-defying stunt.
Super-slow-motion owl attack. This captivating footage features the coolest owl since Hedwig from "Harry Potter". Watch the bird swoop down and flap its wings in this super-slow-motion video.

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