Weird Smithsonian Artifacts

Weird Smithsonian Artifacts
Weird Smithsonian Artifacts. Strangest items in 'America's Attic'. It's been 165 years since Congress passed an act to establish the Smithsonian Institution James Smithson. Dubbed the "Nation's Attic", it has since become a prolific entity and even inspired a popular movie.
smithsonian institution, James Smithson, smithsonian america's attic, smithsonian 19 museums , night at the museum,  But folks at the Smithsonian take issue with the use of the term "attic" to describe its museums. "It implies musty, dusty things you never look at," said chief spokesperson Linda St. Thomas during a phone interview. "We're more relevant than an attic." This fall, the Smithsonian Mobile app will launch to give users a must-see list for many of the museums, including some of the most popular items such as the Hope Diamond or Abraham Lincoln's top hat.
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Here is a look at some of the more eccentric items collected by the Smithsonian, many of which are currently on view. weird smithsonian artifacts.

Crash-test dummies +General Motors donate crash test dummies smithsonian in 2010
Vince and Larry endured countless crashes and made some funny commercials to get people to wear their seatbelts. The gear from the famous duo was donated to this museum.
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Dorothy's ruby slippers +smithsonian ruby slippers donated anonymously 1979
There's no place like home -- at the Smithsonian. The iconic shoes from "The Wizard of Oz", worn by this star, are one of this museum's main attractions. The glittering red slippers are worn around the edges, a reminder of all the clicking and dancing they endured.
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Teddy Roosevelt's teddy bear. smithsonian teddy roosevelt son Kermit donated teddy bear 1964
This prized possession is the original teddy bear, given to this president after a particular bear-hunting story made its way around. The incident also inspired a popular political cartoon.
Theodore Roosevelt, roosevelt bear cartoon

Harry Truman's bowling pin. smithsonian harry truman bowling pins donated 1960
President Harry Truman had a two-lane bowling alley installed in the White House and helped create a White House bowling league. The alley was later turned into a rather boring facility by the next president.
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Warren G. Harding's silk pajamas smithsonian warren harding silk pajamas donated 1954
The National Museum of American History displays a rather odd keepsake: former President Warren G. Harding's monogrammed silk pajamas. He must have loved them, because he had a matching set of red ones.
Warren G. Harding, warren harding silk pajamas.
Cher Ami smithsonian cher ami donated
Despite the increasing use of radio during this war, carrier pigeons were still used to deliver important messages. This particular winged friend saved 200 lives and became a war hero.
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Spotsylvania Stump smithsonian spotsylvania stump donated 1888
This shattered, bullet-ridden stump is nearly all that's left of this fierce Civil War battle, which took place in Virginia. Watch a tour of how the war site looks today.
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Presidential hair +smithsonian president hair 1883
This museum displays locks from the first 14 presidents, a practice of hair preservation that used to be quite common. It's unusual, for sure, but not quite as unusual as this scrapbook.
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Crystal skull smithsonian crystal skull anonymous donor 1992
One of these quartz craniums arrived inexplicably at the National Museum of Natural History. The latest installment of this popular adventure film series makes the mystery surrounding the specimen even greater.
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Shrunken human bodies smithsonian shrunken human bodies donated 1989
The National Museum of the American Indian is home to two of these curios. They were created in the same macabre way in which this ancient tribe shrank human heads.
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'Star Trek' phaser smithsonian star trek phaser donated 1987
Trekkies will delight in seeing weaponry from the classic '60s TV show at this museum. If you want one of your very own, check out the various online replicas.
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Bubble suit smithsonian bubble suit donated 1986
An unusual procurement for the Smithsonian, this isolation suit helped "the boy in the plastic bubble," who had an immune deficiency, avoid germs. This movie, starring John Travolta, was partially inspired by his story.
david vetter, john travolta,
'Howdy Doody' puppet smithsonian howdy doody puppet Rufus Rose bequeathed 1980
The stunt puppet from a groundbreaking children's TV program is proudly on display at the Smithsonian. Take a look at other famous television puppets that have joined the ranks of "Howdy Doody."
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Muhammad Ali's boxing gloves & robe smithsonian muhammad ali's boxing gloves robe donated 1976
The Smithsonian displays some of the gear of this great fighter. Despite some controversy, his prolific career inspired this documentary and a biography with the man cast as himself.
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$20 gold coin $20 gold coin donated to the Smithsonian in 1967 by Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt
This coin is scarce and precious and was minted during a major prospecting period. It is believed that only two pieces bearing the 1849 date were made, one of which is displayed at this museum.
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Soap Man mummy smithsonian soap man mummy donated 1958
The body of this mummified man turned to soap and is being stored and studied at the National Museum of Natural History. He was discovered in the "City of Brotherly Love," which is also home to the soap lady.
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Erector Set heart pump smithsonian acquired the heart pump in 1959 from Sewell's mother
Using a classic children's toy set, two college students built one of the first heart pumps. The contraption is a far cry from technology nowadays; watch the demo videos about this pencil-eraser-sized pump.
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Silly Putty eggs smithsonian silly putty collection 1950s
The "real solid liquid" that has enchanted kids for ages has its own special collection at this museum. Watch a commercial demonstrating its many fun uses, or pick up some of your own goo.
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Pickled mammoth smithsonian pickled mammoth donated 1922
Although not on display, some muscle tissue from the leg of a woolly mammoth resides at this museum. Scientists have been wondering, could the mammoth live again?
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