12,000 lb chocolate bar

12,000 lb chocolate bar, The World's Finest Chocolate Company has created the world's largest chocolate bar. A sneak peek revealed the 12,000-pound bar at the company's Southwest Side headquarters Tuesday morning.

After it's presented to a Guinness World Records judge, the bar will tour the country.

Fun Facts

The bar is 3 feet high and 21 feet long

To make the world's largest chocolate bar, World's Finest Chocolate used:

* 1,200 pounds of almonds
* 5,500 pounds of sugar
* 2,000 pounds of milk powder
* 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter
* 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor

The bar contains 209,000 1 oz. servings -- enough for every fan in Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, United Center and U.S. Cellular Field -- and still have 45,000 servings leftover.

The previous record was held by an Armenian company for a bar that weighed 9,722 pounds.

Source: abclocal.go