Air Canada passengers burned during turbulence

Air Canada passengers burned during turbulence, At least six people on an Air Canada flight sustained various degrees of injuries on Monday when their flight hit turbulence. It is reported that three cabin crew members and at least three passengers suffered various degrees of injuries when the hot coffee in the flight went flying following the turbulence.Some of the travelers spoke to newsmen after the plane successfully got to its destination. The flight was moving from Vancouver to Australia’s Sydney.

A passenger on the flight told reporters that, “They were serving tea and coffee and then we ran in to some turbulence.” Another passenger explained that, “The coffee cups just went up and sprayed everywhere.”

The injured people were reportedly taken to a hospital in Sydney when the plane landed.

The Australian police are investigating an unrelated incident in the country after two passengers managed to get into the secured area of the Qantas domestic terminal without being checked. The incident has triggered fears about the efficiency of the country’s security at the various airports. Flights were grounded until it was determined that it was safe for the planes to fly again. Four flights were affected by the delay.

via: thaindian