Amish men jailed in orange triangle row

Amish men jailed in orange triangle row, Nine Amish men have been jailed for failing to display the mandatory go-slow safety sign. The nine convicted drivers are amongst a group that decided to protest against displaying the warning triangle because of the bright color.
Eight of the men have been released. The men were given between three and 10 days behind bars. They were also fined between $148 and $600. The case has been ongoing for about three years now.
The Amish men maintain that paying the fines would mean complying with law that they do not regard in their religion. One of the defendants ahead of the ruling on Thursday told reporters that, “I don’t think it’s right to put somebody in jail for practicing their religious beliefs … but that’s what we’ll do if that’s what it takes to abide by the biblical laws.”

The Amish sect had appealed against displaying the sign on their slow moving vehicles because of the orange color. The appeal has been filed at the Supreme Court but it is not clear of the highest court in the United States will hear the case.

The Amish sect doesn’t want to use the bright colors for the sign and they have sought permission for years to use gray and lanterns instead.

via: thaindian