Best NFL Nicknames

Best NFL Nicknames
Best NFL Nicknames. What did you just call me? This nickname is a pretty good one for Randy Moss the mossiah given the way he elevated the offenses of his teams. This is a list of some other NFL nicknames that are truly fitting and very entertaining.

Joe Namath
joe namath nickname broadway joe, Joe Namath famously guaranteed a New York Jets victory in Super Bowl III. The Jets went on to win that Super Bowl and Namath spent all but one of his NFL seasons as QB for the Jets. It is this streak, playing in the city with the bright lights of Broadway, that led to his nickname.
Ben Roethlisberger
ben roethlisberger nickname big ben, At 6'-5" and 241 lbs., Ben Roethlisberger has always been on the larger end of the quarterback spectrum. Standing tall behind the line of his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates, Roethlisberger definitely seems as massive as his nickname implies.
Jevon Kearse
jevon kearse nickname the freak, Jevon Kearse began his NFL career with the Tennessee Titans in 1999, and that same year Kearse won AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. An 86-inch wingspan and extraordinary speed earned Kearse his nickname.
William Perry
william perry nickname the refrigerator, William Perry got his nickname for one reason ... his size. Perry primarily played defensive lineman for the Chicago Bears and was listed at 6'2" and 335 lbs. Perry won a Super Bowl with the '85 Bears and as a testament to his size, Perry required a size--25 ring.
Deion Sanders
deion sanders nickname prime time, Deion Sanders began and ended his 14-year NFL career as a cornerback. However, due to his versatility, Sanders started at wide receiver for five games during the 1996 season. Sanders was both controversial and electrifying ... willing to do what it took to captivate fans and remain in the spotlight. Whether that meant high-stepping into the end zone for a touchdown or flashing smiles to the media, Sanders embodied his nickname.
Adrian Peterson
adrian peterson nickname purple jesus, Adrian Peterson has a signature upright running style that is rare when combined with his power and agility. Peterson burst onto the NFL scene in 2007, racking up over 1,300 yards in his rookie season, earning him this moniker.
Walter Payton
 walter payton nickname sweetness, Walter Payton is widely considered one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time. His 16,726 career rushing yards are second most in NFL history. His durability was unquestioned - Payton only missed one NFL game in his 13 seasons. While his nickname could accurately describe his amazing stats, it does not describe Payton's on-field demeanor. Never one to shy away from contact, Payton wasn't afraid to take a hit or dish one out.
Jerome Bettis
jerome bettis nickname the bus, Jerome Bettis was widely considered one of the NFL's best running backs before his retirement in 2006. His footwork allowed for remarkable agility for a running back his size. It was his power, however, that paved the way for his nickname. It was an accurate descriptor of Bettis' ability to run over opponents.
Terry Bradshaw
terry bradshaw nickname blonde bomber, Terry Bradshaw played for the Pittsburgh Steelers during their dominant run in the 1970s. Bradshaw had a knack for stepping up when it mattered most. Three of his best passing performances came in Super Bowls. His blond locks and powerful arm combined to give him his nickname.
Chad Johnson
chad johnson nickname ochocinco, Chad Johnson is nothing if not an entertaining personality. Practical jokes have always been part of his repertoire. This is the man who once sent deodorant to the Baltimore Ravens defense so they wouldn't "sweat" an upcoming matchup against the wide receiver. In 2008, Chad legally changed his last name from Johnson to his nickname.
Joe Montana
joe montana nickname joe cool, Joe Montana put together a Hall of Fame career in his 16 years in the NFL. Montana won all four Super Bowls he played in and was elected to the Pro Bowl eight times, but his specialty was comeback wins. Montana engineered 31 come-from-behind fourth- quarter wins over the course of his career. Montana's knack for remaining calm under pressure inspired his nickname.
O.J. Simpson
oj simpson nickname the juice, O.J. Simpson became the first running back in NFL history to rush for over 2,000 yards in 1973 while he played for the Buffalo Bills. Simpson was elected to the football Hall of Fame in 1985, but his nickname is derived from his unique initials.
Matt Ryan
matt ryan nickname matty ice, Matt Ryan has been the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons since they drafted him in 2008. Ryan's nickname started before his professional football career. In his senior year at Boston College, Ryan launched a website and the nickname stuck. atlanta falcons, +matt ryan,
Calvin Johnson
calvin johnson nickname megatron, Calvin Johnson is a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. Johnson possesses a number of physical skills, the combination of which give him the ability to switch up on defenders like an Autobot - hence the nickname.
Brett Favre
brett favre nickname the gunslinger, Brett Favre's NFL journey is well documented so his nickname should come as no surprise. Favre has never been afraid to let the ball fly and demonstrate his passion for the game. Favre's aggressiveness and determination gave him the persona of a Wild West cowboy.
Dante Hall
dante hall nickname the human joystick, Dante Hall spent the majority of his NFL career as a punt-return specialist. Hall spent nine seasons lighting up the special teams units for the Kansas City Chiefs and later the St. Louis Rams. Hall possessed notable speed and agility. It was this unique maneuverability that led to his nickname.
Jared Lorenzen
jared lorenzen nickname hefty lefty, After playing his collegiate football at the University of Kentucky, Lorenzen was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent. Lorenzen shared in the Giants' Super Bowl as a backup quarterback but is widely remembered for his meaty frame and left-handed throwing motion.
"The Tasmanian Devil" — Troy Polamalu
troy polamalu nickname the tasmanian devil, The Pittsburgh Steelers use Polamalu in a number of defensive plays at multiple defensive positions, though he most often fills the safety position. He is known for his strength, speed and ferocity. Polamalu is always around the ball and flying all over the field demonstrating incredible endurance.