Boise state football

Boise state football 
Boise state football, Kellen Moore sharpness translated already to two touchdown passes as the Boise State lead 20-9 over Toledo at half time.. Boise State’s offense is flowing with such precision as Moore feels the calmness in directing plays.
Before the end of the second quarter Moore delivered a one yard touchdown pass to Tyler Shoemaker with 17 seconds remaining. In seven plays Boise State covered 64 yards for 1 minute and 12 seconds only. Moore connected a 71 yard touchdown pass to Doug Martin with 2:45 left in the first quarter but kicker Dan Goodadle failed to deliver the kick. Broncos currently at 13-6. Earlier the quarterback drilled in a 26 yard pass to Tyler Shoemaker to start the scoring for the Broncos.

Moore completed 19 of 23 passes for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns. He finds his targets especially Martin who already has 93 yards for two receptions in the first quarter alone . If this continues, then the Boise State Broncos will win the game.

The Boise State is having a great day in the offense through Moore who significantly hit his targets at the right time. Moore will be the main component of the offense of the Boise State.

On the other hand, Toledo was resilient enough to comeback immediately as quarterback Austin Dantin delivered a 24 yard touchdown pass to Danny Noble, however Jeremiah Detmer failed to make the kick also.
The Broncos which is No 4 in the nation will be in the conversation again in December if they will go undefeated. Boise State has the speed in winning this game but they should not be foolish enough to relax as the game progresses because Toledo can make an upset.

Surely, Boise State understands that Toledo almost went on to defeat the Ohio State failing only to score in the last drive. Boise State vs Toledo will be interesting to watch in the second half.

Do you think Toledo team can come back against the Boise State?

Update Final Score: Boise State 40, Toledo 15

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