Burning Man

Burning Man. 25 years of Burning Man. You might not be able to make it to the Nevada desert for this year's Burning Man festival – it continues through Sept. 5 – but we have the next best thing: A look back and some of the most compelling photos from the past 25 years of the mysterious, yet revered event.

1995 Burning Man. This is not the kind of event to which one wears pearl necklace and peep-toe pumps. At Burning Man, attendees tend to be a bit more in touch with the surroundings. Take this woman as an example. If you've never been, the event's "First Timer's Guide" offers this warning: "It's not for the faint of heart." 1995 height of man: 40 feet,
1997 Burning Man. +1997 height of man: 50 feet. A man getting pulled along the desert sands in 1997 is just one of several unusual sights and modes of transportation at Burning Man.
Burning Man fashion. burning man 1997 10000 attendance. The people pictured right were competing in a fashion show at the 1997 event. But anywhere else they could have been competing in air guitar, karaoke or even best Halloween costumes.
1999 Burning Man. Each year, a man actually burns – a large, statue of a man, but a man nonetheless. Pictured right is the "man" to be burned in 1999. +1999 height of man: 40 feet

2003 Burning Man. In other fire news, lots of fire blowers perform here, including this one in 2003.
+2003 height of man: 32 feet. How tall was Burning Man in 2003? He was smaller that year, but also standing atop a 47-foot platform.
2003 Burning Man ban. The Burning Man is pretty cool to see. Here's he's all aglow in the 2003 desert dusk. +2003 burning man dogs not permitted
Burning Man dancers. Of course there's dancing at Burning Man. Some may be nude, fully clothed or scantily clad, such as the woman pictured at the 2003 event.
Burning Man art photos. One word comes to mind when viewing this picture of a man wrapped in duct tape in the desert in 2003:
2003 Burning Man. Art comes in many forms at Burning Man. Wouldn't you agree this man's 2003 makeup job is an art form? Even his name is interesting: Shaman Cat. +2003 height of man: 32 feet
2003 Burning Man images. Cheers for the 2003 Burning Man! How could you not cheer at seeing such a massive, disposable structure going up in flames for fun?
2003 Burning Man sandstorm. Being in the middle of the desert tends to up the likelihood of a standstorm. In 2003, the man pictured stood in the shape of a cross during one.
2003 burning man Leave No Trace event in the world. The event set a record this year. What was it?
2005 Burning Man. Some might describe the environment as circus-like, what with sights like men on stilts and such, pictured right in 2005. How tall was Burning Man in 2005?
Burning Man 'art cars'. Just when you thought you'd seen every kind of car possible, we bring you the banana car from 2005. What was the name of the "unique" car registration department? Hint: It was DMV, but not what you think. burning man 2005 department of mutant vehicles
2006 Burning Man. Pre-burn Burning Man is always a fun site. Here he is at sunrise in 2006.
+2006 height of man: 40 feet: He was also standing atop a 32-foot tall platform that contained an interactive maze to boot.
Burning Man aerial views. The aerial view of the festival looks like the beginnings of a crop circle. Here's a view from 2006.
Find out what brought government officials to the event in 2006. +burning man 2006 nation's largest Special Recreation Permit
2007 Burning Man. Multi-colored light hat? Check. In 2007. How tall was Burning Man in 2007? This time he was atop a platform that resembled hills and mountains. +2007 height of man: 40 feet
Burning Man art. The theme for art installations seems to be: Go big or go home. Take this one made of trucks in 2007. What was the theme in 2007? +burning man 2007 the green man.
2008 Burning Man. Again in the go-big-or-go-home theme, here's a 2008 art installation set on fire – intentionally. How tall was Burning Man in 2008? +2008 height of man: 40 feet
2011 Burning Man. Here's "the man" being set up for the event for the 2011 event. What's this year's art theme? 2011. Its burning man rights of passage.
Burning Man & Flipside CORE. Huge art again, this time at the 2011 event. It's called "Ouroboros" by the Flipside CORE project.