Dr. Ben returning to ‘Grey’s’

Dr. Ben returning to ‘Grey’s’
Dr. Ben returning to ‘Grey’s’. Dr. Ben returning to Greys – Good news Dr. Ben fans as the handsome doctor is returning to Greys Anatomy. Jason George, who played Dr. Bailey’s memorable, handsome love interest, anesthesiologist Dr. Ben Warren, left his 6-episode arc on the show for a series regular gig on Shonda Rhimes’ latest, Off the Map, recently told the Boston Herald he isn’t opposed to returning to Grey’s.But Baily has already moved on after she and Dr. Ben broke up she was swept off her feet by Nurse Eli (played by Daniel Sunjata). So could a showdown for her affections be in the near future?

“I would be all for returning,” George said. “Because Daniel Sunjata? Really? OK, yeah he’s handsome and a ridiculously talented actor, but come on, he’s a nurse. I gave her the best six episodes of my life.” Ooh, them’s fightin’ words, Nurse Eli. Whatcha gonna do about it?

But, seriously, George has worked on three shows for Rhimes now (including a flopped pilot that never got picked up), so we’re sure she can make some time for him to take a break from Off the Map, no? Says George of the beginning of their professional relationship:

“There was no more flattering day in my career than the day my agent calls me and says Shonda Rhimes wants you to come do Grey’s Anatomy.”

What do you say, Shonda? If anyone deserves hunky men fighting over her, it’s Bailey.