Embarrassing moments caught on tape

Embarrassing moments caught on tape

Embarrassing moments caught on tape. When Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were brutally mocked last week by two Philadelphia news anchors, they took it with good grace.

The Philly newscasters aren't the only ones who've had unfiltered moments recorded. Let's look at some actors, musicians and politicians who've been caught on tape.
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Alec Baldwin

The rant: In the midst of an ugly divorce and custody battle with Kim Basinger in 2007, the ''"30 Rock" star accused his ex of turning their daughter, Ireland, against him. Baldwin left a voicemail message with some harsh language for his then-11-year-old daughter.
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Christian Bale

The rant: While filming this blockbuster movie in 2009, a crew member broke the actor's concentration. Bale expressed his displeasure with a profanity-laced tirade that sparked media criticism and numerous comedy show parodies, including this one from "Family Guy."
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Joe Biden and John Boehner

The gaffe: When the Democrat vice president and Republican house speaker shared a podium earlier this year, many viewers were outraged by the words exchanged when they thought the mic was off. The topic of the bitter discussion? It wasn't government.
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Gordon Brown

The gaffe: When the former British prime minister chatted with a concerned citizen in 2010, he sympathized with her concerns. However, when Brown drove away – with a live mic still on his lapel – his comments took a rude turn.
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President George W. Bush

The gaffe: Before Bush became president, he owned a stake in a Major League Baseball team. Perhaps he thought he was back at the ballpark when the ex-president insulted this longtime New York Times journalist in front of a live mic in 2000.
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Prince Charles

The gaffe: The British royal family is always in the media spotlight, so you'd expect the heir to the throne to be cautiously polite when the mics are on. Yet when he posed with sons Prince William and Prince Harry, his rude murmurs were clearly heard in 2005.
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Anderson Cooper

The gaffe: Even though the veteran reporter knew he was broadcasting live, Anderson still couldn't control himself. The experienced journalist broke down in a fit of giggles over some potty humor.
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Michael Duvall

The gaffe: The California assemblyman ran a family values campaign, but his supporters quickly turned on him after the married politician bragged about his sexual conquests with other women during a break in a public hearing.
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Rev. Jesse Jackson

The gaffe: Though Jackson supported Barack Obama's successful 2008 presidential campaign, the aggressive comments made after an on-air interview that year threatened to derail the relationship.
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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

The Gaffe: Last week Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were interviewed by Philadelphia news anchors, who seemed pleasant enough during the interview. However, when the anchors thought the cameras had stopped rolling, they mercilessly teased the celeb sisters.
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The gaffe: When normal people receive flowers, they're usually thrilled. If you want to give flowers to the "Material Girl," however, you better make sure they're not hydrangeas.
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John Major

The gaffe: To say that former British Prime Minister is humble is an overstatement. He made several microphone mistakes during his political career, but none as self-debasing one in particular.
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Peggy Noonan

The gaffe: The Wall Street Journal columnist and former GOP strategist was caught making surprisingly critical remarks of then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during a commercial break in 2008.
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President Barack Obama

The gaffe: In 2009, the President Obama was asked how he felt about hip-hop artist and fellow Chicago native Kanye West after West's infamous interruption of this country singer during MTV Video Music Awards. Obama didn't exactly have a kind word for him, but the staff members with him during the interview found it hilarious.
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Reporters on Sarah Palin

The gaffe: After the former vice presidential candidate delivered a speech at a California State University fundraiser, several reporters criticized her remarks – despite several warnings that the microphone was still on.
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Regis Philbin

The gaffe: Though knew he was being broadcast live, the TV talk show host still let something slip. ‘LIVE! With Regis and Kelly' co-host Kelly Ripa couldn't quite keep a straight face, but dutifully went on with the program in 2006 when she saw that Philbin wasn't laughing.
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President Ronald Reagan

The gaffe: During the height of the Cold War, the former president had some fun during a sound check before a radio address. His comments triggered an international misunderstanding and briefly caused his approval ratings to dip.
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Al Roker

The Gaffe: This summer, Loresca was caught on camera questioning the sanity of Al Roker. The local weatherwoman quickly apologized for the audio mishap.
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