He's a real company man

He's a real company man! Boss of armoured car firm stands behind bulletproof glass - as colleague fires an AK-47 at him

No one can accuse this company boss of failing to put himself in the corporate firing line.

Trent Kimball, chairman Texas Armoring Corporation car company has filmed himself being shot, at almost point blank range, in the head with an AK-47.

The only thing standing between Mr Kimball and the semi-automatic weapon's lethal rounds is a plate of his company's bullet resistant glass.


The Texas Armoring Corporation boss's astonishing video, released yesterday onto YouTube, has already been viewed thousands of times around the world.

Wearing flip-flops, a casual pair of jeans and checked shirt, the American businessman doesn't waste time getting to the point.

He says: 'My name is Trent Kimball, President and CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation. Today I will redefine what it means to stand behind my product.'

A colleague then appears on screen toting a machine gun.

He tells the camera: 'This is my AK-47. Today I get to shoot my boss. Don't try this at home.'

With Mr Kimball crouching behind a sheet of two inch thick, windscreen-shaped glass, the gunman then fires three rounds directly at his head.

Mr Kimball is never further than five metres from the gun's muzzle. Sure enough, the toughened glass blocks all three bullets.

An insider at the American armoured vehicle company said that Mr Kimball released the video after becoming tired of customers asking if his company's bullet-resistant glass actually worked.

Risk taking is in Mr Kimball's blood. According his company's website, his father was a US Government special agent who, while working in Latin America in the 1970s had first hand experience of terrorists and kidnappers.

Source: dailymail